People on Reddit Are Admitting the Pettiest Breakup Reasons, and Honestly, Some Are Better Off Alone

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    When it's time, it's time.

    Text - [] trollightly 321 polnts 6 hours ago In high school, sophomore year I think, I broke up with a girl because we'd been together for too long. She was totally cool, too. No idea what teenage me was thinking. permalink embed
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    Text - [-] ethanfez45 17 polnts 2 hours ago My last girlfriend claims she broke up with me because I was always happy and it made her feel bad. Still don't understand that... permalink embed load more comments (4 replies)
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    Text - (] J4viator 97 points 6 hours ago His football team beat mine permalink embed
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    Text - [-1 Guidewaal 49 points 6 hours ago She said "me likey" She was 18, dumped her on the spot permalink embed
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    On brand.

    Text - [-NiceAnusYou HaveThere 22 points 4 hours ago She had a bad anus. permalink embed [-] cfleez 14 points 3 hours ago Name checks out permalink embed parent
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    Text - [] mustanglife96 212 polnts 5 hours ago My best mate broke up with a really nice girl and the only reason he gave me was that he was bored that day permalink embed load more comments (3 replies) [] ElsieSteyn 209 points 6 hours ago Not me but a friend broke up with his last gf because "she chewed popcorn too loudly during movies" permalink embed load more comments (6 replles) [] SometimesIamBold 194 points 6 hours ago Panicked about what to get him for his birthday. permalink embed load m
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    Friend is a POS.

    Text - [- RosieMunro 70 points 6 hours ago Friend broke up with his girlfriend because he noticed she was sweating. permalink embed -] girlWproblemz 69 points 6 hours ago Oh jeeze. He's not into humans or alive ones? Because all genders sweat. permalink embed parent
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    This is definitely not petty at all.

    Text - rini 92 points 3 hours ago I gave him the best blowjobs and I swallowed. I could count the number of times he ate me out on one hand. permalink embed
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    She had man hands.

    Text - [-] IsntThatSeinfeld 97 points 6 hours ago She ate her peas one at a time permalink embed
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    Text - [-] McAnalSandwich 119 points 4 hours ago not yet broken up but it's on the cards. she littered right in front of me. there was a bin at the end of the road. nah hun. permalink embed
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    Text - [ Keaner81 120 points 6 hours ago She said my name too often permalink embed
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    That's what happens when you date the fashion police.

    Text - [] rostabul 134 points 6 hours ago We were going to our first dance together in high school, and she bought this weird dress. Like something a 5 year old would wear while pretending to be a Disney Princess. I couldn't talk her out of it. So a week before the dance I broke up with her. I still feel like shit about it. She really was a sweet girl. permalink embed


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