These 'Neighbor From Hell' Stories Will Have You Thankful You Don't Live Next Door to Them

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    Text - [- TheFeshy My dad had a neighbor when he was young that played his radio loudly all day, even when he wasn't home or was gone on vacation. Every time he left the house and his radio was still on, my dad would go and trip the circuit breaker to his condo. One day he sees my dad, who was an electrical engineer, and asked him why his breaker kept tripping was it faulty wiring? No, my dad explained, the loud radio was probably just putting too much strain on the circuit when left on all the
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    Nature - (-1 TIC1 2525 points 2 days ago | I live on a 50+ acre New England farm. About 2/3 of it is wooded. After I'd been here for about a year I was walking the boundary stone wall, about 10' on my side of the land. From a neighbor's yard I hear a bellowing voice. "YOU'D BETTER NOT BE ON MY LAND." I replied "I'm not. I'm on my own land." He yells back, from somewhere in the trees on his side "JUST SO YOU KNOW, NEVER STOP FOOT ON MY LAND." Me: "OK, we've got a deal. And you stay off mine, OK?"
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    Lawn - [- SuchANiceGirl 4573 points 2 days ago I watched my across-the-street neighbor cut his three-quarter acre lawn entirely with an electric weed whacker because he didn't have time to drive a mile to get gas for his lawnmower.
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    Text - [- WubbyLubbyDoobDoob day ago) 5637 points 2 days ago* (last edited 1 Neighbor has a teenage son, 2 years my junior who's an idiot. Got a used car for his birthday and decided to paint it neon green. Okay... One night he comes home, drunk, and proceeds to crash into my dad's car parked outside. Decides to hide it (poorly) and the next morning, claims it wasn't him. We probably would have believed him had the damage on my dad's car not had a neon green paint swap to it. Fucking moron.
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    Leaf - [- popesnutsack My constantly drunk neighbor came up with the brilliant 5858 points 2 days ago idea that he could collect the leaves in the stone parking lot with his snowblower! !! He duct taped a plastic garbage bag over the discharge chute, and off he goes. It actually inflated the bag for a few moments until the stones started flying. He broke three windows on his garage door and splattered a bunch of cars in the lot. Shit my britches laughing. I could write a book on all the stupid s
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    Text - [- 23farendheight4140 points 2 days ago Our neighbor is a strange woman with a lot of strange habits. For example, she waters her plants even when it's raining outside, and she complains about ice cream being cold so she microwaves it first.
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    Text - [] Sithis1415 581 points 2 days ago When i ordered my PC components they were delivered to my neighbor for some reason and he decided to not give them to me because they added up to 2500 dollars. I proceeded to call the police and got my stuff back. He was not a smart guy
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    Soil - [- patdt136623 points 2 days ago Neighbor dug a hole in our side yard because she needed dirt. Both of us live on an acre of land.
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    Property - 2888 points 2 days ago* (last edited 1 day ago) Kat75018 Our neighbors have a second kitchen in the basement that they use for everything, so the actual kitchen won't look used or dirty.
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    Text - - napalm_anal_emission 6154 points 2 days ago Couple that lives across the hall from me fights often and loudly. One night, the girl found something on the guy's phone that she found objectionable (either porn |or evidence of cheating, either way she was yelling a lot about skanks and sluts) so she throws his phone off the (2nd floor) balcony onto the concrete walkway below where it shatters. Guy then goes back inside grabs her phone and does the same. Moral of the story is: an iphone for
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    Text - [ TurboVeggie5023 points 2 days ago We lived next to this big guy in an apartment building (front doors inside a hallway). Now, he was a nice enough guy, but he wass always cleaning a puddle up in front of his apartment every other day. We'd always ask him, if everything was alright, and he'd talk some incoherent crap about how he hates management. So, out of curiosity, I asked management when I happened to be in the rental office, and the lady rolls her eyes and says, "This idiot fills u
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    Text - [- slashystabby Neighbour after somone had attempted to steal his bike and being advised by me to get a better lock, proceeds to save his time by not locking his bike up at all but balancing the lock so that it looked like his bike was locked up unless you actually looked at it 1865 points 2 days ago* (last edited 2 days ago) for a few seconds. I warned him that someone had already tried to steal his bike and that it wasn't really clever leaving it unlocked like that he says "I promiss yo
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    Vegetation - [] manofruber 527 points 2 days ago My upstairs neigh bors moo at each other. Very loudly. I used to live in the country and it sounds exactly like a cow, and me and my roommate have no idea why they do it. Nobody believes us until they come over and hear it for themselves. We "moo" back at them sometimes now if they get too loud and they usually stop for awhile. They're just weird people though


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