Ambitious Fan Attempts to Decorate a Cake in Honor of Drake's Album, But the Results Are Haunting AF


It seems like every year since Degrassi went belly-up, Drake has been making a new rap album. After years of mixed reviews, notoriety, being the self proclaimed “G.O.A.T.” and riding on the coattails of the desperation of rap industry, Drake, as an artist, has reached the pinnacle of his career. With several Grammy's under his belt, top grossing songs, and sold out shows, it's impossible to deny his success. 


He truly started from the bottom and now he's here. 


His fandom is also a beast to behold. Crazed, manic fans everywhere are completely obsessed with Drake. His iconic sound and semi-original tracks have brought a new emo-boy spin to the cool rap world. Recently, one fan decided to take his devotion to the next level by designing a cake in honor of his boy Drake. The Drake cake, if you will.


To be totally frank with you, this dedication turned swiftly to disaster as this fan realized the difficulty of decorating a cake. Frosting isn't the most forgiving of mediums and when your only tool is a butter knife, it's bound to be a disaster. Like a sprained ankle, frosting ain't nothing to play with. 


Okay, for starters, it's really really hard to decorate cakes with frosting. Keep that in mind as we untangle this debacle. The first problem with this video is that they're doing all of this designing at home with no tools, no real design mechanisms, and they're obviously a regular person. Even a world class pastry chef would struggle with the design they decided to do. It's like when an 8 year old wants to carve a pumpkin and says “Daddy, I want to do a photorealistic Batman”. Yeah kid, it's not happening. 


Considering the medium, the design choice, and the skill level, this cake was doomed from the start. They started off pretty good, blocking out some colors and laying the foundation for their Drake cake, but nobody was ready for the horror that would unfold with the final result. 




Towards the end of the video, it's revealed that the design choice is actually a photorealistic version of one of Drake's album covers, which is a photo of his profile in front of a sky blue backdrop. At this point, we already know somethings gone wrong. Nobody was ready for the reveal of the final product. 


After cleaning up a few details, the fan reveals the final cake and it is breathtaking in all the wrong ways. If there was one way to ensure that your house and home was cursed by the still-living ghost of Drake, this is the way to do it. I guess everybody dies, but not everybody lives. All we can do is hope that this cake dies along with the curse that brought it into this world. 




I'd like to say I could do better,  but I don't think that's true


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