I Can Has Cheezburger?

A Team Of Artists Spent 1,984 Hours Crafting A Custom Built Miniature Town For Hamsters

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    Hamsterville was the brainchild of Georgia-based advertising company Leavingstone, in a bid to promote a local food company.

    Hamster near the Eat Read Love shop in hamsterville
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    The firm's research found that young women are mostly attracted to soap operas and scrolling through 'cute things' on social media.

    Adorable hamster eating at his tiny little table.
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    In reaction to this trend, Leavingstone married soap operas and cute videos to create a hamster movie series around food obsessions set in the miniature town.

    tiny kitchen for a hamster in Hamsterville
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    The story revolves around a father who loves politics and eating, a mother who’s working at a food store and tastes everything , a son who’s struggling with insomnia and eats day and night and a daughter who’s constantly working out and eats to stay fit

    Hamsters in the streets on Hamsterville at night.
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    Hamsterville is an entire miniature town that consisted of 1350 tiny details and made sure whatever happened in real life, happened in the show as well.

    cute little hamster in a hamster house fire place
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    The tiny settlement has shops, shrubbery and signs for directing the hamsters to various points of interest

    Cheezburger Image 9046900736
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    The rodents are joyfully exploring their new home and partaking in a range of activities including eating dinner in the kitchen and setting the fire

    Hamster in his living room in Hamsterville
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    Watch The Behind the scenes short video. It's fascinating:

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    In total there were nine episodes in the online series about the lovely rodent family obsessed with delicious food.

    Hamsterville snapshot from inside one of the stores and hamster outside.


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