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Cat Gets Fired From Local Library Job But Thanks To The Town, Gets Re-hired

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    Sadly, when the city council decided that the cats services were no longer needed and that animals shouldn't be allowed in city facilities, Browser was let go.

    However, that new ruling didn't sit too well with locals nor the internet. Word quickly spread about the councils decision. Because of the backlash that the council received, they quickly decided to reverse their decision. 

    The Mayor, Ron White, even responded to the councils decision, saying "...I don't support it, I think Browser should stay right where it is."

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    Browser serves a larger purpose than just fending off rodents at the Library. 

    "He helps children read," White said. "Little children will come into the library and they'll read to Browser." 

    Lisa Rogak, co-author of "The True Tails of Baker and Taylor: The Library Cats who Left Their Pawprints on a Small Town… and the World," told ABC News, " Anything that encourages people to visit a library... is to be encouraged." 

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    Although the council has stated that one of the main arguments on their decision in this ruling was to protect people with cat allergies. Mayor White stated that the air purifier in the library gets rid of 99 percent of allergens in the air... 

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    Luckily for Browser, many stood behind the friendly cat and signed petitions to bring him back to work. The council reversed its initial decision and re-hired Browser back to protect the library's books. 

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