5 Superhero Costume Mistakes You Should Avoid This Halloween

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    Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

    Image 8364066304
    In 2011's failed reboot of Lynda Carter's classic 1970's Wonder Woman TV show, former Friday Night Lights star, Adrianne Palicki played the Amazonian princess, Diana. Unfortunately, the star-spangled pants and fire engine red boustier does not make her seem like the feminist icon, Carter is known for pioneering.

    Instead Be:
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    Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird

    Image 8364083200
    Agetns of SHIELD is doing it right. This updated costume is tactical, practical and tough. But if you really want to be Wonder Woman, take a page from Gal Gadot's book:

    Xena meets Wonder Woman, the ultimate warrior princess.

    Don't Be:
  • 3

    Nicolas Cage's Superman

    Image 8364056832
    Tim Burton's failed attempt at bringing the Man of Steel to the big screen with Nicolas Cage is getting some much needed attention with the release of the documentary, The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened?, but don't let that fool you. This plastic looking super suit, with Cage's horrible long hair is just weird, especially when Superman's look is the epitome of iconic.

    Instead Be:
  • 4

    Either of These Guys

    Image 8364111360
    If you're a traditional kind of person, go for Christopher Reeve's underwear on the outside look. If you have modern sensibilities, Henry Cavill's underwear on the inside is the look for you!

    Don't Be:
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    Classic Squirrel Girl

    Image 8364049664
    Some of you hipper comic book fans, might think Marvel's Squirrel Girl is indie and awesome, and we tend to agree, but don't fall into the retro trap. Those teeth and that weird eye makeup put Doreen Green so deep in the uncanny valley, Sir Edmund Hillary couldn't climb out.

    Instead Be:
  • 6

    The New Squirrel Girl

    Image 8364079872
    Ryan North & Erica Henderson's re-imagining of the mutant girl who can communicate with nature's cutest foragers, solves every design issue. Squirrel Girl's new look is fresh and adorable. Plus, with powers like these, all the super-villains need to watch out.

    Don't Be:
  • 7

    Anything From Batman and Robin

    Image 8364055040
    Not only is this the worst movie in Batman's history, but the silver highlights in the Caped Crusader's iconic look would be more fitting for Xanadu, than the mean streets of Gotham City. Plus... bat-nipples.

    Instead Be:
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    Any Other Batman Ever

    Image 8364100352
    With Batman turning 75 this year, it's the perfect time to represent any number of classic Batman looks. From Adam West's Campy Crusader to Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, each Batman has a place at the party.

    Don't Be:
  • 9

    Ryan Reynold as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Image 8364070656
    The internet loves everything Deadpool, except for this monstrosity. Whoever thought The Merc with A Mouth should have no mouth, wasn't thinking very clearly. Ryan Reynold's wit and timing would've been perfect, too. It's a shame they wasted the opportunity.

    Instead Be:
  • 10

    Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool From This Test Footage

    Did Sony just go and totally redeem themselves? Yes, yes they did. As every cosplayer knows, this is the Deadpool you should dress up as.

    Does anyone have more fun than someone in a Deadpool costume?


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