Dating Fails

10 Cats That Are Looking for Love Online

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    dating website - Cat - WSA I'm looking for rub my wrinkles someone to rub my wrinkles rub my wrinkles The first thing people usually notice about me my naked saggy breasts my personality
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    dating website - Cat - What I'm doing with my life fancy feest more like fancy beast The most private thing I'm willing to admit i licked a cock roach and threwed up aade IX GOD ONEHUNDR
  • 3
    dating website - Cat - TFW 9:42 PM 1 100% Done 21 24 miles awayActive 1 hour ago About Hi yes I am sexy cat with great purrsonality. Friend told me this was good app to find py. Indoor 4 life. Hit me up if you are cat too (No dogs plz) (X
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    dating website - Cat - My self-summary why are dogs I'm really good at eatign hams You should message me if u enjoy a nice round piece of moldy ham i found under the fridgerator
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    dating website - Cat - The most private thing I'm willing to admit i watched a mice die once just for fun just for fun just for fun
  • 6
    dating website - Cat - I'm really good at nibbling My self-summary i am always think of eating and findign pieces of cheese and drinking milk from a bowl What I'm doing with my life what are pepperonis even. how are they that.
  • 7
    dating website - Cat - oo Verizon 3:43 PM 78% Edit ATLA 22 less than a mile away active just now About I wanna, li-li-li-lick you from yo' head to yo' toes.
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    dating website - Cat - What I'm doing with my life sometimes i ate apiece of dead bird i found on the street and threw up on my bed I'm really good at sneezing on your mouth
  • 9
    dating website - Cat - 4G 6:27 PM X KHodgins 21 29 miles away Active 17 hours ago About Likes: -Eating things I shouldn't (i.e. plants).- Attacking my human's feet and legs. -Cuddling my human. And then biting her. -Looking out the window. Dislikes: -The other cat and dog I live with. - When my human does not pay attention to me. - When my human pays too much attention to me.
  • 10
    dating website - Felidae - ONUR KEBAP tool I'm really good at sitting and thingkin for long times eating things i found by the garbage watching you poop watching you sleep lickign my self My self-summary gentleman an scholar loving beautiful ladies im a pretty nice cat NO TRAMPS You should message me if ur not a TRAMP and aslo you will let me sit on your face


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