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A Disgustingly Cute Mouse with the Biggest Ears Grooms Himself on TikTok and Goes Viral


This is no ordinary mouse, just look at its ears! 


Okay, yeah, this is technically a certain breed of mouse that genetically usually has this size of ears. So, he Is probably just normal to his mousey friends. But to TikTok, he is the new tiny rodent god. From a TikToker who breeds “fancy mice," this video is blowing up. It's just 11 seconds of a tiny rodent grooming himself, but it will warm your heart like no other. Have you seen a mouse groom so cutely it makes you want to cry?

Those ears…

Let all your worries just melt away will this smol rodent gives his big 'ole ears a sweet little wipe down. 

Those tiny paws…

Feel your shoulders relax and jaw release while this giant eared baby uses his itty bitty paws to frame his face with those Dumbo-sized side flaps. 


If you aren't crying at this point, you're colder than ice. Even someone with the most terrifying phobia of rodents would melt to this. Many commenters are expressing their excitement to this cutie


Viewers would die for this lil baby:


Okay, now that you've been properly prepped for the cuteness RAGE you're about to endure. Watch the viral video yourself. But be warned, these babies have a life expectance of 2 to 3 years so don't get too attached. And I'm sorry for breaking your heart like that… 


Fancy Mouse TikTok:


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