TikToker Rags on CNBC's Post "Typical Monthly Spending of a 25-Year-Old" And Sparks Debate


TikToker @myusernameischerry brought attention back onto an article from CNBC that was posted in 2018 that featured a budget breakdown of a 25-year-old who makes $100k a year and “is excellent with money." A photo from the article of a pie chart had been circulating often on the TikToker's Instagram and she decided it needed discussing. She actually thought it was a recent article and responded to as if it were referring to the current times, and unfortunately, her points worked. Though some of the numbers could be a bit off for 2022 standards, it's basically just that the bills have gone up and our salaries have not. 


In her viral video, she's first flabbergasted that they featured a 25-year-old making $100k a year, as if that's the common salary. Then she points out a pie chart the article provided that breaks down the 25-year-olds budget. The chart said the person only spends $20 on internet, $250 on “dining out," and over $600 on donations. The woman admits she's an older millennial, so asks the newer generation, “wtf planet do you live on and is this it?”


CNBC Review:


Though the article is a few years old, it's still spiraling people into a debate. Many of her viewers post comments that are on par with her shock from the article, comparing their own experiences. Many don't understand how Wifi was ever only $20 a month, how the hell this person found a place with such cheap rent, and what 20-something-year-old could possible budget that much to donate over $600 a month?


Yet, some viewers don't agree with the TikToker. The article was based off of a real 25-year-old man living in Boston, so it's not like CNBC grabbed those number out of thin air—though most are still confused why CNBC thought a young person making $100k was the norm. Others post how they've actually been able to find rent that cheap in Boston and spend about the same on groceries and transport. However, no one is ever able to relate to every single part of the piechart. There is always several things that still feel unrealistic to the viewers. 


Response Video:


She made a response video after she was made aware that the article was three years old. But she still stands by her view points and think's everything she said still makes sense in today's terms. She also adds that if you actually are a twenty-something making a whopping $100k a year, then you should also be keeping a savings account and/or investing. 


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