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People are Going Crosseyed for this New Birdwatching Technique Using Cheap Glasses, a Paper Plate, and Birdseed


When you think of birdwatchers you think of someone using some top quality binoculars. These watchers are usually trying to catch a glimpse of some rare bird sitting on the top of some tree or taking flight in the sky. The sport can get really intense and attracts hundreds of thousands of people. But TikTok bird-lovers are starting to redefine the sport with her DIY bird feeder glasses.


It's nothing fancy, anybody could make them. The glasses are usually some cheap plastic looking glasses that has a paper plate taped to them that is filled with birdseed. The hardest part is having the patience. TikToker Drin aka @birdladydrin has gone viral for simply sitting out in the snow wrapped in a blanket for hours just for a few birds to perch only for a few seconds in front of her eyes. 


A Couple of Birds Landing:


This woman posts video of her doing this all the time and sometimes even has her husband join her. Every single video seems to go viral, but she really only gets a quick glimpse of just a few birds each time. Though her huge excited smile every time a bird does come to visit her, really warms any viewer's heart. 


Married Life:



However, she wasn't the inventor of this contraption—she got the idea from another birdwatcher on TikTok, James Manzo aka @hum.daddy. However, Manzo has since changed his concentration on attracting humming birds now. His hummingbird-feeder-to-face take on an entirely new level the longer he goes viral. 



Humming Bird Feeder Beard:

Humming Bird Feeder Face Mask:


The new technique is really making birdwatching available to just about anybody. Instead of having to spend a lot of money on high quality tools like binoculars and hiking boots, etc., you can now build your own bird feeder glasses or helmet and simply sit in your backyard and wait. 


Original Humming Bird Feeder Glasses:


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