Trekkies on TikTok are Posting their Biggest Star Trek-Related Red Flags


Star Trek fans don't mess around—your opinions on this show can define you. People who straight up hate all the lead female characters? RED FLAG. Someone who hates all the new Star Treks simply because they're new? RED FLAG. Thinking Dukate is hot?? HUGE RED FLAG. Trekkies get it. 


Recently, a trekkie fan called upon the Star Trek community on TikTok and her fellow trekkies to post what their biggest Star Trek-related red flags are. There are so many specifics and beautifully put justifications. They really make it seem like maybe Star Trek red flags should be taught as part of a psychology course… 


Michael Burnham Character (Original)

“It's a red flag for if the say Michael Burnham is a bad character because she has emotions.” The character from the 2017 version is a human that was raised by Vulcans. So fans get all upset that she has some emotions, but like… She is a human after all.


“Who's your favorite captain?”

This Trekkie's biggest red flag is when she asks a fellow fan who their favorite captain was and instead of answer they go straight to saying that they HATE Janeway. That was the question, my dude.


Thoughts on Deanna Troi 

It's a red flag when people say Deanna Troi was a useless character. Why tho?? This Trekkie actually has a whole research paper on it and other female Star Trek characters. 


Using this Line on a Dax Cosplayer

“Do the spots go all the way down?” WOW. You're a bad trekkie AND a creep. Great. When someone is cosplaying, like, be cool man. Damn. 


Hating on Discovery

You have every right for it to not be your favorite or whatever, but the way people approach their hate for this show is on an entirely differently level. 


Complaint about the new Star Treks

When people say all the new Star Treks are “too preachy.” “Have they not watched any of Star Trek, to be honest??” this TikToker says. “I mean, come on! Pay attention to what's been going on since 1966.”


Dukat Stans

“When the thirst post about Ducat—THAT is a red flag, keep that to yourself,” this TikToker says. 


Holodeck Episodes 

You can like them, but as your FAVORITE episodes?? Really?? 


Janeway's Tuvix Incident

She's pro-Janeway on this one. She explains is beautifully, so you just gotta watch. Don't wanna mess it up trying to sum it up. 


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