17 Bizarre Facts And Pics You Didn't Know You Needed

  • 1
    Guide that tells you how to make Mountain Dew light up at night using baking soda and peroxide
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  • 2
    Text that reads, "It turns out that Jensen Ackles' face is so symmetrical and well-proportioned, it perfectly fits Da Vinci's idea of physical perfection"
  • 3
    Caption that reads, "Burglars use chalk markings to help other criminals target the rich and vulnerable" above a diagram showing the various markings
  • 4
    Cherokee tale about the inner battle between good and evil
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  • 5
    existential text about the different versions of you that exist in the world
  • 6
    Text - life hacks #1812 On html you can watch every single old Disney movie for free! @1000Life Haks
  • 7
    picture of man with frozen beard next to frozen vehicle captioned "Russians selfie"
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  • 8
    story suggesting the existence of a gigantic underwater creature nicknamed "Julia"
  • 9
    Text - Tears of grief Tears of change Onion tears Laughing tears aomaASuran.u These are pictures of different dried human tears. Grief, laughter, onion and change. They all have a different chemical makeup, which makes them look different from each other.
  • 10
    man wearing sunglasses, hoodie and T-shirt in a photograph from 1940 speculated to be a time traveler
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  • 11
    Text - Most disturbing things children have said about their imaginary friends - He has no face. - He tells me it's ok to kill people - She stares at me from the ceiling - The man in the Easter Bunny costume loves me so much - I talk to her through the mirror - When you leave, she crawls out of my closet on all 4's - When I take a bath, he comes out of the water - She says she'll take me away with her one day forever - He has no arms or legs - She's bloody and she cries all the time
  • 12
    Text - BrilliantVillain @IntergalacticQ Ever since I found out cats don't meow to other cats, that's just some shit they learned to manipulate humans and moews are supposed to mimic infant human cries I'm noticing a lot of fake sh t about my cat 11:29 pm 15 Jun 18 9,859 Retweets 33.2K Likes
  • 13
    "statement for police" note that lists all your legal rights
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  • 14
    sentence made up of words that don't follow the "i before e" rule
  • 15
    picture of ridiculously high medical bill of person bit by snake in America
  • 16
    list of signs of mental distress given by psychologists
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  • 17
    Tumblr thread that progresses from romantic telling of how you can't forget faces to the horror of realizing your nightmares are real


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