Angry Nigerian Google Reviews Are A Gift To The World

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    Text - IG: FLOTUK @FLOTUK Lmao Nigerians reviewing restaurants and hotels is the funniest thing you will ever read. Enjoy
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    Text - Oghenero Afiari 37 minutes ago on G Google 1/5 I ordered jollof rice and there was enough hair to make a wig in my food. I decided to go straight to bed to forget my hunger and 2 cockroaches attempted to cuddle me that night. Tried to turn on the light switch and read my bible for comfort and the switch shocked me. Ladies and gentlemen, I never thought I would say this but...a hotel tried to kill me. 23
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    Text - I was directed to my room by a one eyed hotel attendant. I asked him for the way to my room and he replied "please leave here while you can." I replied "what?" And he replied "this way, sir" then directed me to my room
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    Text - just now on G Google Truly one of the worst experiences you can pay for. I checked into the hotel where all my bags were stolen by a man with dreadlocks. To pick up my mood I went to the hotel restaurant t where I ordered a club sandwich. 78 minutes later an actual rat wearlng bathroom slippers served me my sandwich. It was a plate of eggs. The rat said "we didn't have any bread or tomatoes or chicken or bacon so we fried six eggs and threw in a complimentary glass of hot water". I was ve
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    Text - The hotel rooms are dingy and for some reason sound proof. My pastor (who is also my wife) said she felt "a great tidal wave of evil" so we slept in the swimming pool. Would not recommend. 1/10


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