Trump Couldn't Care Less About Use of His Words in Extremist Video

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The typical reaction to an extremist militant group regurgitating your words to attract potential recruits, would generally encompass flipping the fu*k out.

Trump can't be phased. The Republican primary candidate merely brushed off the use of his words against Muslims by an Al-Qaeda affiliate, known as Al-Shabaab, as casually as he would tend to that fluffy golden Photoshop-airbrushed, hair-cloud on a lazy Sunday.

He launched predictably fiery jab, by guessing that all 'extremists' are prone to employing the words of any Republican presidential front-runner.

To wrap it all up, Trump addressed Hilary Clinton's recent unfounded allegation that an additional extremist group, the Islamic State, was using Trump as a pillar of its propaganda. He says the appearance of this Al-Shabaab video doesn't do way with the fact Clinton was wrong.

"It wasn't ISIS and it wasn't made at the time, and she lied," he said on Fox & Friends on Sunday.

Trump also dished out a little hurt on 'Slick Willy' afterwards.

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