This Hero Is Saving Facebook By Destroying Clickbait Headlines

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    Skin - 's post. shared July 18 at 12:07pm That your body is exhausted, and you might even consumed caffeine or tobacco in the recent hours. Or that Baba Yaga is coming, depends if you believe to scientists or my Russian grandma Like Page July 18 at 3:00am I had NO idea. If Your Body Suddenly Jerks While Falling Asleep, THIS Is What It Means Now you know... pass it on! HIGHERPERSPECTIVES.COM I BY HIGHER PERSPECTIVE
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    Text - August 1 at 9:25am Because you are used to the low inner sound conducted by your skull And because you say stupid stuff, but that's just our opinion Why you hate the sound of your own voice Science explains it. TECHINSIDER.IO
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    Text - August 5 at 12:31pm Facebook will limit the reach of posts that include phrases that are commonly used in clickbait headlines If this will also mean the end of our journey, then we are more than happy to say goodbye Facebook is stepping up its war on clickbait in the News Feed Two years ago, Facebook made an initial effort to eliminate the News Feed's... THEVERGE.COM I BY CASEY NEWTON
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    Face - 's post. shared July 19 at 9:50am Yes. Like Page July 19 at 7:26am Spoiler alert: 's RNC speech sounds a whole lot like this one from 2008. Did Melania Trump Copy Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC Speech? If you were listening closely to Melania Trump's speech during the Republican National Convention... EONLI.NE
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    Text - July 27 at 8:58am Professionally ignores it, the same way you ignore clickbaits [Video in the comments]. tenplay ten LIVE eyewitness NEWS RYAT Watch how a reporter reacts when a shouting man is arrested behind her on live TV Ah, the beauty of live television. MASHABLE.COM I BY JOHNNY LIEU
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    Organism - August 2 at 4:46am It's a dead whale (likely a Humpback or Southern right). The gas in their stomachs causes them to float postmortem. The gasses expand in the heat of the sun, which sometimes results in an explosion of said whales and clickbait articles about smelly pink blobs. What The Heck Was This Smelly Pink Blob Floating In The Indian Ocean? The sea is dark and full of terror. Well, perh aps not always terror, but certainly mysterious lifeforms, as evidenced by a bizarre purple
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    Nose - 20 hrs Because photographers ask them to Here's Why The Olympians Bite Their Medals They're actually made of chocolate. THELADBIBLE COM Rio2o
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    Clothing - August 9 at 4:50pm Chinese cupping therapy GO TEAM PEPPERONI!! This Is Why Some Olympic Athletes Are Covered In Big Red Circles The question on everyone's minds. THELADBIBLE.COM I BY JOSH TEAL
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    Skin - shared 's post. July 11 Diet and exercise. #1 in the series. Like Page July 11 Celery? Belly fat: What's the best way to get rid of it? BBC IN
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    Adaptation - Yesterday at 11:00am He's dating a girl called Bronte Blampied after just recently seen very close with Sofia Richie and before that dating Hailey Baldwin without getting the news of their breakup And yes, Bronte Blampied is a name, we did not smash our head on the keyboard, but after reading this article - we should have. I'm Also Very Confused About Justin Bieber's Girlfriend Situation BUZZFEED.COM I BY LAUREN YAPALATER


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