The finest cats on the internet. Here you can has cats, their cheeseburgers, and everything to do with the glorious feline persuasion. Whether you adore them from afar or have assembled your own army to assert world dominance, you will definitely appreciate these hilarious cat jokes puns and memes.

a thread on Twitter about funny cat and dog nicknames that people give their pets | thumbnail contains tweets saying ' Sometimes I just call my cat Face' and 'I call my bf's cat Francy "Sweetybutt" sometimes. Also "Knife Gremlin" because she likes knives for some reason.'

Twitter Users Recall The Craziest Nicknames Folks Gave Their Pets

What's your pet called?
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a halfway to caturday compilation of cat memes and tweets | thumbnail includes two images saying 'ME SHOWING MỸ CÁT A BUG SO IT WILL EAT IT' and 'The sentence in my mind Literally the same sentence when I try to say it out loud'

Halfway To Caturday: Cat Memes And Tweets

Pawsome Cat Memes!
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a collection of posts about cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat in a cage 'Weather dropped to -9 degrees tonight, in preparation I trapped this feral cat and set her up in this kennel. Ate like a champ, worked the cold out of her bones, and then right to sleep. u/AdministrativePlan90'

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

The best kitty cats.
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Viral cat trend on TikTok reminds them they were worshiped in ancient Egypt

Cats Are Remembering Their Time Being Worshipped in Ancient Egypt with this Trending TikTok Sound

Are all cats just gods in hiding?
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14 cat tweets grad students | thumbnail image of black and white cat playing with toy "Niki Moya ... @niki_neuro I know several grad students who got a cat in grad school and it has significantly improved all of their lives (I am among these students)... so this is your sign to get a cat 10:23 PM · Jan 14, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone"

Twitter Thread: Grad Students Getting Cats And Impurroving Their Lives

Cats keep us sane
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a wholesome series of before and after photos of adopted animals | thumbnail includes two photos of a dog before and after adoption with text 'before after!'

Before And After Adoption: Spectacular Pet Glowups

Take a look at the power of love!
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aita pets roommate roommates Cats vegan - 16222469

Vegan Gets Upset When Roommate Tells Cat Shelter That She is Lying About What She Intends to Feed the Adopted Animal

Do NOT do this to your pets.3
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tumblr thread about a story of a women choosing to marry the one who can catch her cat thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - keuhkopussirotta Follow Story idea: The most wanted woman in town has announced that she'll only marry the one who can open her front door with the key around her cat's neck. Many men try to hunt the cat down, chase and trap it, but to no avail, the cat is simply too quick, smart and clever, and always finds a way to evade and avoid them.'

Tumblr Thread: Prompt About A Woman And The Cat With A Key Around Its Neck

Full of unexpected plot twists.
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22 cat memes | thumbnail left cat meme "me sleeping peacefully at 3am" images of cats making loud noises, thumbnail right "paw readings, black cats welcome  captcreate Bring me the FEETIES swampseer Lemme read them beans

An Overflowing Glass Full Of Cat Memes To Quench Thirst

Feline funnies
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15 facebook comments heartwarming moments pet owners felt bonds get stronger | thumbnail blue background text " I got extremely light headed and had to lay on the floor where it's 5-10 degrees cooler. Our youngest cat, tried biting my hair to drag me to the kids who were all sleeping. Once I petted him and let him know I was "OK" he just laid there right next to me until my dizzy spell went away enough for me to get up."

Pet Owners Describe Heartwarming Moments When Their Bonds Grew Stronger: ICanHas Users Edition

Wholesome goodness
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a vegan tries to feed their cat an entirely vegan diet until her roommate steps in | thumbnail includes text saying 'I told her cats can't eat a vegan diet because they are carnivores and it can lead to health issues. Not to mention a diet of solely dry food for cats can lead to kidney stones and dehydration. My roommate would not budge on this issue and ultimately said if its made for cats then it is ok for cats.'

Vegan Roommate Refuses To Let Her Cat Eat Meat, Internet Weighs In

Would you let your roommate do this?
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story of a man finding a kitten under a car and the kitten jumping on him | thumbnail includes two pictures including a man holding a cat and a cat on a table

Man Finds Kitten Under A Car, It Jumps Into His Arms And Decides To Follow Him Around

It looks like this human has been chosen.
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23 wholesome animal memes and images | thumbnail left cat sleeping in apple tree, thumbnail right small dog wearing helmet snap

A Boost Of Wholesome Hilarity: Animal Memes

Cats Doggos And Everything In Between
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cringey questions people seriously asked the internet | thumbnail includes text saying 'where can I get a dog egg?' 'What is a safe way to paint my kitten purple' 'Why is it ok for my dog to sniff a woman's crotch but I can't?'

Cringey Questions From Humans Who Have Clearly Never Owned A Pet Before

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a reddit thread about a man's ex asking him for money to pay for their pet cat that she now takes care of | thumbnail says 'She asked for 200 dollars for his blood work today, I gave it to here and said that I can't keep doing this. She's in a more financially stable spot, and it isn't fair to me to keep paying for a pet I don't get to see. She says I cane come over any time, but it is uncomfortable to go back '

Woman Requests Money From Her Ex Boyfriend To Pay For Cat: Internet Weighs In

What would you do?
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25 grumpy cat pictures | thumbnail left angry cat with big eyes looking up at camera, thumbnail right sneaky cat looking from behind curtain

A Delightful Series Of Grumpy Cats Being Mad

Grumpy cats
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