freaky close calls and dodged bullets

Freaky Times People Dodged Life-Ruining Bullets

It's chaos out there, man.
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Man finds giant texas redheaded centipede in daughter's room, twitter thread, scary, funny

Dude Finds Giant Centipede In Daughter's Room & Horrifies People With the Footage

Oh hell no
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Astrology Tweets Which Are So Extra It's Funny (April 25, 2021)| thumbnail text - O patty O @misspattyphatty if astrology isn't real, then why are you like that? 12:29 AM · Apr 24, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 3,575 Retweets 241 Quote Tweets 18.2K Likes

Astrology Tweets Which Are So Extra It's Funny (April 25, 2021)

The stars know too much
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wtf stories of people who had a gut instinct save them and make a situation a close call

Freaky Close Call Decisions that Saved People's Lives

Sometimes you get a feeling.
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nature crazy surprising freaky Video Mushrooms - 106368513

Mushroom Hunter Hears Crazy Sound

Understatement of the year.
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weird and funny album covers | CROWN JOY AFTERNOON TEA-BAGGERS MALE QUARTET | STEREO Sound Track MIKE Guitarist Preacher GOD'S POWER

Un-Self-Aware and Freaky Old Album Covers

Some things don't age great.
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Scary things that happened to people when home alone | Bobbiejo29 14.9k points 16 hours ago edited 9 hours ago like 14 home alone one night around 10pm stood my kitchen making some cereal s dark outside and then all sudden loudest sound. Some drunk woman literally launched hammer through my kitchen window so loud and glass everywhere followed her down street whilst calling police. Pretty strange.

Freaky Things That Happened to People Home Alone

The worst way to get a free hammer.
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People describe the scariest things that woke them up in the middle of the night | Jakdavies 20h extremely realistic feeling bare hand grabbing my foot which made wake up instantly only realize somehow dream Reply 934

AskReddit Thread: Scariest Things That Woke People Up

Sleeping with the light on is a good idea sometimes.
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Stories of times people trusted their gut and avoided a close call | guessthisis_me had gut feeling should pull my wallet and phone out my purse. Not even 20 seconds later get mugged man dragged across sidewalk and stole my purse BUT all he ended up getting juice box and my birth control.

Close Calls And Gut Feelings That Saved People's Skin

Sometimes those eerie feelings have a point.
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funny meme about bob the builder animation looking like shit, sonic the hedgehog.
Via @memebase
nature crazy scary tornado freaky ridiculous drones dangerous - 99473153

Amazing Drone Footage Of Huge Tornado In Houston

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Damn Nature U Scary ocean shark freaky amazing science biology - 98711297

Deep Sea Shark Is An Actual Monster Up Close

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funny signs

27 Freaky Signs That Are Scarier than They Had to Be

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scary car kangaroo australia encounter freaky loud animals wild - 96706049

Freaky Late-Night Kangaroo Encounter Is Proof Australia Wants to Kill You

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quick scary miss wtf FAIL throwing freaky dodge axe dangerous reflexes - 96553729

Quick Woman Narrowly Dodges Hatchet Rebound

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panorama photo, panorama fail, animals, abominations

38 Panorama Fails That Morphed Animals into Adorable Monstrosities

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