Things That People Consider To Be The Worst Inventions Ever| thumbnail text - dacforlife · 5h 3 Reality TV. I swear it glamorized the worst kind of behavior, and we ate it up. 3.8k 5 Reply Share

Things That People Consider To Be The Worst Inventions Ever

Time to un-invent some things
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funny brilliant ideas that turned out to be stupid

People's Brilliant Ideas That Were Dumb Upon Review

We all know someone who's reinvented socks.
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madlad, japan, funny videos, youtube, comedy, funny, memes, iphone, invention

Madlad Demonstrating His 'iPhone Quick-Draw System' Is the Stuff YouTube Was Made for

A little slice of classic YouTube
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Man designs Croc briefs, and they are as hideous as you would expect | thumbnail text - Anthony Rogers @MrAnthonyRogers ... I only wear crocs briefs. Like a real man.

Man Designs Crocs Briefs, The Most Heinous Underwear To Exist

As if Crocs could get any worse
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Man invents invention that makes a rude hand gesture.

Dude Follows Heart and Creates Terrific Invention

It's all about staying true to yourself.
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inventions women grateful pics genius simple products amazon | A portable toilet for ladies women high fiving each other | Removable interchangeable heels pink

Inventions That Women Everywhere Will Be Grateful For

Simple, but genius
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international womens day inventions discovery strong achievements great inspirational greatness | Great female inventors international women's day black and white vintage photo of a woman in a suit

Discoveries And Inventions By Women Often Taken For Granted

Celebrating Great Women Who Made Our Lives Easier
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Innovations and inventions | hallway with checkered floor that appears to dip in the middle of it: Perfectly Flat Floor, Designed Stop People Running Hallway. rubix cube with different textures instead of colors: Adapted Rubix Cube Blind

Useful and Interesting Innovations to Make Life Easier

Hey, that's kind of cool.
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"The Guy Who Invented..." Tweets | tweet by TheHyyyype guy who invented constellations like "see those 4 stars bear" and everyone else just too busy trying not die plague fight him on

"Guy Who Invented..." Tweets Try To Figure Out What Was Going On Through Their Minds

"The Guy Who Invented..." Tweets
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A collection of AskReddit replies about the most useless inventions that people have ever seen | pet rock. So useless and yet made millions dollars.

The Most Useless Inventions People Have Seen

The pet rock really caught on.
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this machine is built out of lego and sorts lego using artificial intelligence

Someone Made An AI Powered Machine Out Of Lego That Sorts Lego (GIFs)

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Funny dank memes entitled "When Was Calcium Invented?"

Stupid Dank Memes About When Stuff Was Invented

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A collection of the most useless inventions in the history of the world.

The Most Useless Inventions Of All The Useless Inventions

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Sad game sports cringe ball invention Video - 98748417

The Moment a Guy Who Put 26 Years Into His Game Gets Completely Rejected

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genius ideas such as a cvs machine and an ingredients list that lists the purpose of each ingredient

28 Genius Ideas And Inventions

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Funny meme that reads, "When you realize that the shovel was literally a groundbreaking invention"
Via abondurant40
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