funny classified ads from newspapers

Wild Classified Ads That Show Humanity At Its Finest

Good old print media.
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story about three men rescuing a pregnant cat who was falling off of a building, and winning over $13,000 in Dubai | thumbnail includes one picture of the pregnant cat falling out of the balcony and one of the men who saved her, text blow, 'Dubai: meet the heroes who saved a pregnant cat and impressed Sheikh Mohammed'

Strangers Come Together To Rescue Pregnant Cat Falling Off Of Dubai Building: Later Win Over $13,000

Several strangers in the Emirate of Dubai heroically worked together to save the life of a pregnant cat. People along one of the city streets spotted the cat dangling from a balcony, dangerously close to falling. Three men, who did not know one another prior to the incident, miraculously worked together using a bedsheet to create a soft landing for the cat, who fell shortly after. Together, the men rescued her from injury or death. The men, who were identified by the Khaleej Times as Ashraf, At…
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Bill Burr cringe interview

Morning Show Host Tries To Shame Bill Burr, Fails Miserably

Shouldn't have told him to Google it.
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boring dystopia, dystopia, orwellian, kafkaesque, memes, dark posts, news headlines, wtf, capitalism, reddit

Kafkaesque Posts From This Boring Dystopia We Call Earth

Life is a dark comedy
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news wtf english interesting language lol accent funny - 107347969

Irish Shepherd's Accent Is Absolutely Immense

Yeah, what he said.
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weather, meteorology, dog, dogs, cute, tiktok, weather report, news, funny, tiktok

Weather Report Takes A Turn For The Better By Guest-Starring A Dog

If we’re being honest with ourselves, the weather is probably the dullest part of most TV news broadcasts. These days, our phones can tell us everything from whether it’s time for a light jacket or a hurricane is fast approaching. It’s not like we need some dude pointing at a map to hammer home the point. It would appear that no one is more aware of this than the reporters themselves, at least when it comes to one Canadian station. When @dianekoko1 watched the weather forecast recently, she was…
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story about a reverse zoo with people in cages and lions watching them from the outside | thumbnail includes a picture of a lion walking up to a group of people in a cage

'Reverse Zoo' Puts Humans In Cages So Lions Can Watch Us For Once

Please, can we go?
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we ranked Hard-Hitting News Sources By Hotness Of The Chief Editor | thumbnail text - Marty here looks just like my parents' friends from temple, which I assume means the Washington Post is a well-meaning if slightly misguided publication with a passion for bagels and friendly disagreement.

Hard-Hitting News Sources Ranked By Hotness Of The Chief Editor

Getting news from only the sexiest sources
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humor Dalai Lama news jokes funny Video - 107278593

Man Shares Joke With Dalai Lama, Infinite Laughter Ensues

Seems like he enjoyed it.
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news, broadcast, tv news, abc, satan, religion, mistake, weird, twitter

Viewers Perplexed After News Broadcast Cuts To Satanic Ritual

Many of us associate TV news with a high level of seriousness and professionalism (depending on what channel you’re watching). However, as a live broadcast it is definitely not immune to gaffes, and not just when it comes to getting ahead of the autocue. Australia’s ABC News recently experienced such a mistake, when footage from a Satanic ritual — complete with a pentagram and upside down cross — was accidentally cut in with a news report about a new law being passed. The “satanic slip-up” was …
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news wtf absurd car accident bees lol ridiculous - 107256577

The Time A Guy Crashed Into Bees

It's like it's straight out of an Adam Sandler movie.
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12 images and tweets related to loose porcupine | thumbnail tweet foreground background image of loose porcupines two small animations to right

Firefighters Spot Porcupine On The Loose In British Village

Uh oh!! In one British village, a prickly porcupine was found on the loose out and about, giving the locals quite a fright. Porcupines are not native to this area which caused many to suspect that it escaped from a neighboring area. We wonder where this guy came from and how he found himself in Cambridgeshire! "Firefighters did a 'double take' when they spotted a porcupine on the loose in a village. The prickly chap is thought to have escaped as the animals are not native to Cambridgeshire. Fir…
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news FAIL lol truck lake boat mistake - 107184385

Truck Rolls Down Boat Launch Into Lake During News Broadcast

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surprising news earthquake Video - 107173633

Newscaster Changes Gears Instantaneously When Earthquake Warning Starts

She nailed it.
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story about a cat with four ears getting adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat with four ears 'Rescued Cat Born With 4 Ears Finally Finds A Forever Home'

Rescued Cat Born With 4 Ears Finally Finds A Forever Home

Different and beautiful <3
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humor insects bugs news ridiculous live tv funny Video - 107148545

News Reporter Accidentally Swallows Bug On Live TV, Loses It

Hey man, extra protein.
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