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How to Tie Dye: Concentric Circles (GIFs)

  • What you will need

    gif hands laying out tie dying kit squeeze bottles

    To get started on tie dyeing, you'll need the following materials:

    • a tie dyeing kit or dye specifically for tie dyeing (prepared according to the instructions). It is most convenient to have dye in squeeze bottles.
    • rubber gloves 
    • a plastic bag or zip lock bag
    • rubber bands 
    • a bucket 
    • something white you want to dye (cotton usually works best)
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  • Step 1

    gif hands washing white items in bucket

    Before you get dyeing, wet your white item (for the sake of this article we'll call it a t-shirt). Wring the t-shirt so it's damp but not dripping. This will help it absorb the dye.

  • Step 2

    gif white t-shirt on table

    Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface. To make concentric circles, begin by pinching a small section of the fabric up and tying a rubber band around it. This will be the inner circle. Make sure the rubber band is tied tight.

  • Step 3

    gif hands tying rubber bands on white t-shirt

    Tie another rubber band underneath the first one, a few centimeters away from the first one. This will be the second ring. 

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  • Step 4

    gif hands tying rubber bands on white t-shirt for tie dyeing

    Continue adding as many rubber bands to each circle as you want, remembering to tie the rubber bands tightly.

  • Step 5

    gif t-shirt with rubber bands tied around it for tie dyeing

    The more rubber bands you tie to the t-shirt, the more detail the t-shirt will have. Try alternating the number of rubber bands on each concentric circle. This will make it look less uniform.

  • Step 6

    gif hands squirting colorful die on white t-shirt

    Once you've added as many rubber bands as you want, put on your rubber gloves and start adding dye to the t-shirt. This is where you can get creative, so follow your instincts! 

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  • Step 7

    gif hands squirting blue yellow red colors on white t-shirt tie dyeing

    Flip the t-shirt over and dye the other side too, making sure that the dye has soaked through the t-shirt.

  • Step 8

    gif hands in gloves holding plastic bag tie dyeing

    Put the t-shirt inside a plastic bag or zip lock bag, and make sure that it's air tight. This ensures that the dye will soak into the t-shirt and it won't dry out. Leave the plastic bag for 8 hours.

  • Step 9

    gif hands washing tie dye t-shirt in blue water

    After 8 hours, take the t-shirt out and rinse it in cold water while taking off the rubber bands. Don't forget to wear gloves. Rinse the t-shirt until the dye stops coming out of it, then leave it to air dry. 

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  • Step 10

    gif person holding up rainbow colorful tie dyed t-shirt

    Viola! You have made a tie dye t-shirt with concentric circles. The only thing left to do is wear it and look amazing.


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