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Award-Winning Dog Groomer Safely Dyes Dogs to Look Like Amazing Lisa Frank Creations


Dying your dog is definitely an excessive choice and the cost I'm sure is too. But there are actually a lot of benefits in dying your dog. The number one reason is that it deters dognappers from taking your dog because the dye job now makes the lil buddy too distinguishable and are easier to spot. Secondly, animal behaviorists say that dogs who are dyed are “happier” because they get more positive attention from humans with our facial expressions and the pitch change in our voices—like when they're walking down the street, now people who aren't all that crazy about dogs, stop and say hello because of the walking piece of art they've become. And thirdly, and this one is debatable, but they look so friggin' cute! 



Gabriel Feitosa is a professional dog groomer who has even won awards for his amazing work. It's not just a job to him, it's an art form. He snips, brushes, cleans, and dyes dogs to look even better than their best. He's based in San Diego, CA but has clients come to his shop from all over. 


Recently he got a visit from an adorable chihuahua. mix who wanted a magically transformation. Molly, the pup, and her ma flew in from Northern California just to get a chance with the magical grooming hands of Feitosa. The dog's before picture straight up looks like a sad mug shot—Molly was not living her best self. The after photo shows a magical creature straight out of a Lisa Frank design and Molly looks happier than ever! 


Lisa Frank Makeover:


Viewers are absolutely in love. One viewer commented, “I 100% had that dog on an elementary school folder, because 🎶it was the nineties 🎶.” Another said, “I don’t even wanna admit what I would pay for this to be done.” 


It's not just Lisa Frank styles he can capture, but also other beloved ‘90s-’00s creatures like Pokémon and Sailormoon! 


“Arcanine” Pokémon:



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