People Who Regretfully Used Words They Didn't Know The Meaning Of

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    Forehead - I TRIED. peacock

    Just want to reiterate that we all make mistakes and it's fine to occasionally misuse a word. There are too many words in general and the meanings of them actually change a lot naturally.

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    Font - Dayna McAlpine O @daynamcalpine_ went on a date with a guy years ago and told him i might have narcolepsy to which he look at me weirdly, changed the subject and he never called me back - years later he asked if i still fancied dead people and it turns out he thought i meant necrophilia 3:03 PM · Jun 15, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

    This was the Tweet that started it all. A bit awkward, but hey, and at least it made a hell of a Tweet. It encouraged more people to share their similar experiences with throwing around words they don't fully understand.

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    Font - Dayna McAlpine O @daynamcalpine_ 'Oh man l'm so sorry I've been the winner of the worst date ever story for years bc I thought you were a corpse shagger' 5:09 PM · Jun 15, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 198 Retweets 15 Quote Tweets 10.1K Likes
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    Font - Rachel Hack Merlo @kcrachel Replying to @daynamcalpine_ I had a bf who once said he didn't want our long-term relationship to be monogamous. Me [shocked]: What do you mean? Him: I don't want things to get boring. Me: Ohhh, you mean monotonous. Him: Yes, that's the word! I would discover much later that both words applied for him. 1:29 PM · Jun 16, 2021 · Twitter for Android
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    Font - K. Gene Friedman @ValleyGirlLift Replying to @Nora_Sawyer @IsabelleBrez and @daynamcalpine_ My mom tells waiters she has a spinach "fetish" when she means "phobia." She wants to convey she won't eat food if spinach has touched it. But here the waiters are picturing her rubbing spinach all over herself, lol.
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    Font - Brood X Stan @Sir_Possum Replying to @ValleyGirlLift That reminds of this one time when I told my mom I was curious about animal husbandry. She gave me a shocked look and said "That's when people have sex with animals!" My high school self had to explain beastiality to my mom! 10:30 AM · Jun 17, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Isabelle Breslin .. @IsabelleBrez Replying to @daynamcalpine_ Guy I know broke up with his gf because he felt claustrophobic. Sadly, he couldn't think of the word at the time (maybe the stress of breaking up) so he told her he wanted to break up because he was constipated. Didn't even bother to correct himself. 8:46 PM · Jun 15, 2021 · Twitter for Android 82 Retweets 15 Quote Tweets 3,424 Likes
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    Font - Catriona Watt @watt_catriona Replying to @daynamcalpine_ My friend once shouted that another friend's young son was a necrophiliac because he'd been burning stuff on her fire pit. 6:37 PM · Jun 15, 2021 · Twitter for Android
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    Font - Nora Sawyer C @Nora_Sawyer Replying to @lsabelleBrez and @daynamcalpine_ My aunt once told me she was the opposite of homophobic: homoerotic! 3:52 AM · Jun 16, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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    Font - John Meade @johnmeadeb2 Replying to @lsabelleBrez and @daynamcalpine_ One time I was at my grandmother's house and at one point she got kind of excited and said to me, "Wanna see my penis?" I had her repeat it a few times before I realized she was trying to show me her collection of pennies, which she was pronouncing in an odd way. 12:39 PM · Jun 16, 2021 · Twitter for Android 12 Likes
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    Font - hoekage @cowboyorange Replying to @daynamcalpine_ one time in high school, this really sweet but kinda dumb girl I knew changed her Facebook banner to a pic that said "Necrophilia: a love of the nighttime" or something like that and I never bothered telling her bc it was too funny to me 7:18 PM · Jun 16, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 5 Likes
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    Font - Abbycake @Abbycake Replying to @daynamcalpine_ Used to know someone whose Mum used to get words mixed up. She said a woman at her Mum's nursing home had a hole in her neck and then she referred to her as a necrophiliac e poor woman could have had a lot of people having the wrong idea about her.. 7:48 PM · Jun 15, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 1 Like
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    Coat - *** Oops!


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