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Polar Bears Love To Make Out And It Makes Everyone Uncomfortable

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    We… we have no words. Look at how long these polar bears are making out for. It's truly uncomfortable. They look like they're been at it for hours. And they're so motionless, just sitting perfectly still making out. Polar bears seem to have cuffing season down, maybe because it's always cold where they live… Either way, this is, well, quite a lot.

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    Forehead - Miyuko @Miyuko_junsei ... Replying to @TrevDon GIF Polar bears?

    In response to this video, the internet was understandably a bit grossed out. Well, half of the internet was, the other half thought it was really adorable. Which side of the polar bears kissing debate are you on? Or should we say, the polar bears making out debate…

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    Sky - Viv Savage @WalkOffHBPRyan Get a room polar bears, jeez!
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    There was a problem rendering this video - it may have been deleted.
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    Rectangle - normalguy ... @normalh04777533 Replying to @guardian These two need to get a room and figure out how to stop polar bears becoming extinct. They are both very passionate on the subject.
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    Font - Y.R.N @isleepnjs I'm cold hearted like polar bear kissing.
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    Water - SlipperBoots @slipperboots Seems I may not have shared the pic of the smooching polar bears photobombing those nice seagulls at @YorkshireWP
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    Ecoregion - Sally Brown #SBS Winner @SallyBrownArt International Kissing Day! An excuse to go and snog someone!! Polar bears kissing (well, if you use a bit of imagination) @YorkshireWP #polarbear #InternationalKissingDay
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    Vertebrate - mail Daily Mail Online Online @MailOnline Two loved-up polar bears captivate zoo visitors with their cuddling and kissing dailym.ai/2hpmatj
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    Water - Ray Wong @raywongy Caught two polar bears kissing on the Explore.org polar bear cam <3. So how's your Saturday going? lol

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