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Two Working Service Dogs Become Besties After Their Hoomans Move Into Neighboring Dorm Rooms


Service dogs are not just a pet, there are a medical necessity. They are the patients companion as well as their prescription. So though the animals are busy in with a very important job, they also need time to play and just be dogs. So when two dogs who understand the job title get together after work for some fun, it's the most epically adorable thing ever. 

Two college students with their own service dog—one a guide dog and the other a medical alert dog—ended up getting rooms next door to each other. The two dogs probably didn't even have to play those dumb ice break games colleges make students do to meet each other, they probably were instant buddies—stoked to have an after work friend to unwind with the doggo way. 

One of the service dog's owner says that the two dogs love to play with each other during their free time and are able to run around in the dorms hallway or spare rooms. She also adds that many of the dorm residents love the service puppos. And when the vest is off and the two dogs get some off-duty time, the dorm tenants also get a chance to pour their love all over the hard working dogs. 


The two humans had not planned to be in dorms next door to each other and didn't even know each other prior. She had no idea that someone with a fellow service animal would be her neighbor. So it was a beautiful surprise and it worked out both for her and her pup. 


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