People Riff on Amazing Video of Grandma Who Went Too Hard With Special Brownies


Eating cannabis treats can be a slippery slope. That's probably why there are so many memes about taking it too far with edibles. One moment you're sitting impatiently on the couch, wondering when you're going to feel the effects, and the next you're floating on a cloud - or stricken with weed-induced paranoia. Yes, everyone knows you're high and everyone is judging you. 

While blasting off with friends in the comfort of your home - or in a park - isn't exactly a unique experience, watching one's grandmother get absolutely loaded is pretty special. A TikToker shared a video of his “Nonnie” devouring a tray of brownies he'd made for her. She brushes his warnings off, only to be left nearly catatonic on the couch. While we feel bad (because we have been there), we can't deny that the video is incredibly entertaining. And judging by the response, the people of Twitter are entertained by it, too.

It's truly amazing how people on Twitter can take something funny and bring it up a few notches with their responses. We live for it.






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