17 Cringey Memes And Pics That Are All Sorts Of Uncomfortable

  • 1
    Pic of a guy wearing a fedora, saying that it's an old-school style fedora that you can't find at WalMart
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  • 2
    Caption that reads, "From civilian to assassin, I can go back and forth in under a minute" above pics of a guy looking normal and one of him wearing a large jacket and looking creepy
  • 3
    Facebook post where a guy messages a girl, "My birthday is today so please write on my wall"
  • 4
    Snapchat pic of a girl with terrible makeup and duckface, with text overlay that reads, "Feeling the natural look today"
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  • 5
    cringey meme - Hat - Greetings Good Morning Cutie Hey Princess Hi Lovely Hello Darling O.K. nevermind, B h. To: From: To From To From Be my Valentine? No? Roses are Red Violets are Blue Please date me Or I will stalk you O.K.I will ask you again tomorrow To: From: Hey Girl, Noticed you minding your own business over there, would you like to be my Valentine? No? Why? Don't you like nice guys?
  • 6
    cringey meme - Text - 6/28/11 Heyy how u doing beautiful. ( 7/2/11 Heyy how u doing beautiful. 7/9/11 Heyy how u doing. U beautiful ( 7/12/11 Heyy how u doin.beautiful ( 9:23 PM heyyyy 9:23 PM u ugluyyy
  • 7
    cringey meme - Face - Me crying in different locations
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  • 8
    cringey meme - Selfie - and 7 others 7 hrs If you thought you were as dapper as last time, you have not SEEN dapper yet!
  • 9
    cringey meme - Face - Omg! Omg!! You are so Beautiful
  • 10
    cringey meme - Hair - NAP NAE
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  • 11
    cringey meme - Text - #18 Millions of years for a monkey to turn into a man? Monkey's don't live that long. 3:20/4:08 21 Facts that Evolutionists CAN'T ANSWER!
  • 12
    cringey meme - Product - Like Comment Share and 84 others like this. I wish I was the guy standing behind you Like Reply 20 hrs lol ok...why? Like Reply 20 hrs Because I bet he can smell your hair Like Reply 20 hrs Btw I went to high school with you if you don't remember Like Reply 20 hrs dude, what the f Like Reply 19 hrs this doesn't concern you. This is between me and Like Reply 1 19 hrs what kind of shampoo do you like Like Reply 19 hrs
  • 13
    cringey meme - T-shirt - ACTIVE with Like Comment Share Wednesday via iPhoto Uploader 2 people like this. ICan you EVER take a picture without showing that finger??? Thursday at 11:50am Like 1 Imom its a metaphor. im saying f** death. its art Thursday at 9:23pm Like 1
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  • 14
    cringey meme - Food - Jul 8 at 12:10pm Came home to this Get you a wavy jawn that can cook eShawty Badd but she good in the kitchen,
  • 15
    cringey meme - Hair - Source: cringe-attacks
  • 16
    cringey meme - Photograph - gentlemen back then now Mae Today 10 44 A Hello would you like d k pics No thank you Ok sorry for offering Thanks for asking first No problem
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  • 17
    cringey meme - Yellow - January 24 Maddy ! with 31 12 Like Comment Share 30 others like this. eel special January 25 at 4:29pm via mobile Like 2 FZ FOREVAAAAA January 29 at 4:06pm Like 2 You quys should date. February 4 at 7:00pm via mobile Unlike 6 YES!!!!!! February 4 at 7:01pm Like 3 wtf? no. serisouly stop. February 4 at 7:01pm Unlike 4


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