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Guy Rescues Tiny Abandoned Puppy He Finds in a House He's Flipping, Dog Becomes Instantly Obsessed with Him


Michael Hansen is known as @fitguyhouseflippers on TikTok and usually posts content that has to do with the houses he is flipping. However, recently he came across something he has never come across before when flipping a house. He found an abandoned puppy. He posted a video of the puppy, a small chihuahua mix that he has named Flamingo, and has now gone viral from it. The sweet little girl is not only absolutely adorable, but she is also totally obsessed with him—refusing to leave his side and always just staring at him.


Meet Flamingo


Since going viral, Hansen has been posting updates on the sweet lost baby. He hasn't yet confirmed if he will be officially adopting her, but he has definitely given her a home so far. He's posted videos of giving Flamingo a bath, cuddling with her in bed, and her playing with her two (potential) big dog siblings. Everybody is getting along beautifully and the little abandoned pup found in an empty home looks happier than ever. 


Flamingo's First Bath


TikTok viewers are obviously rooting for Hansen to officially adopt Flamingo, saying that she chose him. “You’re his person now. Don’t let him down,” one person commented. “And sir, that is how you fall in love. Take precious care of that baby,” another added. “She found her man , she is going to protect you,” someone added. 


She Protec


Hansen has been showering her with nothing but love since finding her all alone in that house. He hasn't provided any information on the past of the pup, if he even knows any or not. But so far, she is already fitting perfectly into the little family he has. Though she's an itty bitty chihuahua, her large dog siblings are already protective of her and even make suer she's behind them when they're running around playing.


Big Dog Siblings

Fast ASF Boi


So far, Flamingo's story is a wholesome one and up-lifting. Hopefully, Michael the house flipper will chose to official adopt her soon and let his TikTok followers know—because it looks like Flamingo has already committed. 


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