15 Times Office Smartasses Owned Their Coworkers With Terrible Jokes

  • 1
    Sign on a vending machine that reads, "Warning, this machine takes your money and gives you nothing in return;" someone writes below, "Just like my ex"
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  • 2
    Pic of a microwave with a post-it note that reads, "Handel is broken;" someone taped a pic of Handel and text "Me?" next to it
  • 3
    Pic of a whiteboard that reads, "Purple marker missing! Please return it ASAP!" someone else writes below, "NO!!!"
  • 4
    Text - B Coffee V SERIE Maker ot HOT READY ON But has a CAUT great personalty
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  • 5
  • 6
    Text - PLEASE KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED!!! THANK YOU!!! Please don't use Comic Sans-we are a Fortune 500 Company, not a Lemonade Stand.
  • 7
    Text - Can you STOP recycle that? The recycling bins are ten steps down the hallway. FALSE TISEXACTLY 26 STEPS AWAY
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  • 8
    Text - This isn't a door This is a regular wall. Then how do you explain THIS???
  • 9
    Text - This Door Is Alarmed. WHAT STARTLED IT?
  • 10
    Text - Sory, WE ARE CLOSE D Due TO SHOPT STAFF Hire tAller S+AFF CAu se I need taco !
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  • 11
    Text - Puase remomber to date the ood ConsThanks Tried on 3 Occasions to date cans They only Think of me a friend... as
  • 12
    Alcohol - 0OT ALCEPTIG. CHANG E Chaye neritble! Oeal ith it is et LI ALN ell
  • 13
    Text - People know not to touch my mug. It is the one with reindeers on it. We can't help it It's so beautiful
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  • 14
    Text - This printer is here temporarily In e Srea schem af thins Rrent we all? er Owr-SroE AVTTY Concellino
  • 15
    Text - If I'nn neT HERE PLOSE CHECK RECEpTan You weren't there either... Where are you????? We miss you


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