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Woman Sparks Controversy By Pushing Her Way Onto Crowded Subway Train

It’s hard to overstate the beauty of the Big Apple. Between the eye watering property prices and increasingly dramatic floods , who wouldn’t consider it to be a glamorous place to live? As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the privilege of being able to use its public transport system. The New York Subway is an essential part of getting from points A to B, but it’s not always the most pleasant experience. This is especially true in rush hour, when many can find themselves fighting for a place…
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things Americans say and do abroad

Sayings and Behaviors That Give Away Americans

Is that not how it's pronounced?
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Passenger Shares Surreal Airport Experience Right Out Of a Videogame

Talk about liminal space.
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Passenger Assaults Flight Attendants & Screams About Being Rich, Gets Duct Taped to Seat

Yikes, bro
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tweets about the stress of airports that remind us why we don't travel | thumbnail text - Chris Burns Im obsessed that airports are just like okay come around 5 but the plane leaves when we decide-prob 9ish, & bring luggage but we can't promise it'll make it on the plane. We can change your ticket but it cost more than if you cancel it & buy a car instead, but here's a biscotti Alyssa Limperis O @alyssalimp Love how the airport is like do you want to pick someone up? Please do! Just don't even T

Typical Airport Drama That Makes Us Wonder If Flying Is Even Worth It

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Tourist With Fish Allergy Expects Neighbors To Stop Cooking Fish In Their Own Home| thumbnail text - O u/marshmallowofdoom · 4h 1 AITA for telling my friend she can't expect everyone to accomidate to her disability?

Tourist With Fish Allergy Expects Neighbors To Stop Cooking Fish In Their Own Home

Entitlement is a curse
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Non-Americans Call Out Ridiculous Encounters They've Had With Americans In Their Country| thumbnail text - Serg645 · 2h Worked in a suburban sandwich store in Australia with prices listed. US tourist lady asks "are those prices in US Dollars?" G Reply 1 311 3 ...

Non-Americans Call Out Ridiculous Encounters They've Had With Americans In Their Country

'Mericans go full out
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travel pictures | thumbnail text - Water

Gorgeous Snapshots That Inspire Us To Trot The Globe

Catch flights, not feelings
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12 images of cats in suitcases | thumbnail left cat in bag with text "only pack the essentials," thumbnail right alert cat sitting in suitcase

Jet Setting Felines Ready For Take Off

Cats In Suitcases: The Ultimate Travel Buddies
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Things women want to spend all their money on | thumbnail text -  OrangeyPanda · 13h Food. So much food to try.

Things Women Are Willing To Blow All Their Cash On

Spend that money
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biggest surprises people had when travelling

Biggest Surprises People Experienced When Travelling

Different places are different.
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pictures of cats in carrier bags | thumbnail includes two pictures of cats in see through carrier bags

Cat Enjoying Trips Outside From The Safety Of Their Travel Bags

A purrfect way to enjoy the outside world.
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Guys women meet when backpacking | thumbnail includes picture of shirtless man Text - While you may have come to explore new cultures, the Man Whore is here to explore new women. His sole purpose on his travels is to rack up his hookup count, so the constant movement of backpacking is perfect for his lifestyle. New cities mean new titties.  The Man Whore is a gorgeous specimen, which is why he's so successful at what he does.

Guys All Women Encounter When Backpacking

Guys we fall for every time
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Woman demands instant tech support service, gets rejected, gives manager earful, and then misses her flight.

Woman Demands Instant Tech Support Service, Gets Denied, Gives Earful, Misses Flight

Some people are truly their own worst enemies.
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Speech-language pathologist helps out kid in need during flight. | Rachel R. Romeo @RachelRRomeo just had such an affirming experience. On my 8hr intl flight back conference sat next father/son broken English father began apologize/ warn his ~10 yr-old son had severe nonverbal autism, and this would like be difficult journey. 1/ 2:59 p.m 28 Aug. 19 Twitter Web App

Twitter Thread: Speech-Language Pathologist Helps Out Kid In Need On Flight

A trip right to the feels factory.
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story about a cat who travels the world with its owner thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat on a man's shoulder and another of a cat standing up and looking out of a window

Awwinspiring Cat Travels The World With Its Owner

big manly dude and cat traveling the world together
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