My Dating Nightmare: Real Women Reveal Their Crazy Summer Hookups

  • 1. "I met a guy in the Bahamas and we both were sharing hotel rooms with friends so we had nowhere to go to hookup. We ended up banging it out on a park bench at 3 AM. The next morning I woke up to woodchips stuck to my butt cheeks."

    Job - love butt stuff
  • 2. "I was on a cruise one summer and we stopped in the Cozumel. One night, I got absolutely hammered with a guy I'd met on the ship. We lost track of time and ended up hooking up in the bathroom. After we fooled around for a bit he went back outside..."

    Romance - NASHVILLE hulu obc
  • "I sat on the toilet to go to the bathroom, which was a big mistake because the last few tequila shots suddenly hit and I ended up falling asleep on the toilet. When I finally came to, I walked outside to an empty bar and port area..."

  • "I was informed that my ship was meant to leave an hour ago and was about to leave without me. The police were in the process of deploying a search party for an American girl..."

    Neck - Where the hell have you been, young lady?

  • "As I stumbled down the gangway to catch the ship, I saw my family signing customs papers because they were going to stay on the island. My family was not happy with me."

    Newscaster - @LateNightSeth WHAT NONSENSE IS THIS?
  • 3. "I was at a club in Mexico and started sloppily making out with this guy I’d been hanging out with all weekend. The next thing I know, he was going down on me in a photo booth."

    Hair - Hair - SORRY, NOT SORRY! Hew QUANTICO Goc
  • 4. "While vacationing in Hawaii with my family I met a guy on Tinder who was also vacationing with his family. We ended up hooking up on a lounge chair of a public beach in the middle of the night. Someone was offended, because the police were called..."

  • "We were both brought in for disorderly conduct. I thought I would be able to call my parents right away, but in actuality, I didn’t get to tell them where I was until I got arraigned..."

  • "Since that wasn’t until later in the afternoon the following day, my parents ended up calling the police and discovered that I was in fact NOT missing, I had just been arrested."

  • 5. "On a camping trip in a remote area on the Great Wall of China, one of the guys and I hit it off. We wandered off by ourselves, one thing led to another and before I knew it I was bent over. Yes, I had sex on the Great Wall of China."

  • 6. "While vacationing in Key West I met a guy that lived on the military base. In the morning when I snuck out in the morning I had to walk about a mile to the entry of the base because Ubers cannot enter without a military ID..."

    Hair - Soldier - SHOWTIME
  • "I was in high heels and a sparkly bandage dress from the night before walking by what looked to be high-ranking officers. The fact that I had a one-night stand the night before could not have been more obvious."

    Hair - Blond - FUNNYEDIE
  • 7. "I was at a club in Daytona Beach one night and somehow ended up flirting with a police officer who was moonlighting as a security guard. We went for a ride in his squad car..."

    Hair - Arm - I think she likes me.
  • "We ended up on the beach and were able to get into the lifeguard watchtower. We ended up having some of the best sex of my life, inside."

    Hair - They have sex, Gene. Sweaty, muscular,
  • 8. "I was at a bachelorette weekend one summer and we went to a pool party. I met a hot Israeli guy and we got a little frisky. We ended up having sex in the pool with hundreds of people around us. No one seemed to have any idea."

    Hair - Water
  • 9. "I was hiking Machu Pichu with a friend and there were some cute guys with us in our group. I had a little fling with one of them and we ended up having sex in a tent that night...."

  • "When the trip was over we all went back to the city and ended up staying in the same hostel. We then had sex on the top bunk late one night while the room while there was probably 15 other people sleeping."

    Facial expression - Have good sex!
  • 10. "I met a hot Australian guy in Thailand one summer. We were getting pretty nasty at a full moon party and headed out to the beach to have sex. It was a little crowded for my liking so we made our way inland and pretty much had sex in a Thai jungle."



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