Step by Step Guide for Jet Paper Airplane: Moderate Difficulty (GIFs)

  • gif paper airplane being thrown into grassy garden with trees

    This is how far the following paper airplane is able to fly. Not bad at all. 

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  • Step 1

    gif person hands folding white piece of paper in half

    Take a piece of standard printer paper (letter or A4) and place it on the table horizontally. Then fold it in half to make a long rectangle. 

  • Step 2

    gif hands smoothing down fold in half piece of paper

    Smooth down the fold well. This will be the center of your paper airplane.

  • Step 3

    gif hands folding paper on itself

    Open up the paper and fold the two halves back on themselves, pressing down on the center fold. Now your paper has been folded on both sides and there should be a strong line down the center. 

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  • Step 4

    gif hands making triangle fold in corner of paper

    Take any corner and fold the top edge toward the center fold so that the paper corner aligns with it. Smooth the fold down. 

  • Step 5

    gif hands making second triangle in corner of paper

    Do the same to the other side. Now your paper will have a triangle at the top. 

  • Step 6

    gif hands folding piece of paper to make airplane

    Take one side of the triangle you have just made and bring the outside edge of the paper in to meet the center fold. One half of your paper is now half as wide as the other half. 

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  • Step 7

    gid hands smoothing out fold in paper for airplane

    Make sure to smooth down the fold well. The fold should not reach the end of the paper. There will be two corners of the rectangle left on one side of the paper.

  • Step 8

    gif hands making second fold in white piece of paper airplane

    Now do the same to the other side. Bring in the outside edge of the triangle to meet the center fold. 

  • Step 9

    gif hands smoothing out fold in paper airplane

    Smooth down on that fold. The paper now has an arrow shape with a square end. 

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  • Step 10

    gif hands folding piece of paper in half paper airplane

    Position the pointing tip of the arrow towards yourself, then fold the paper in half. The pointy tip will meet the center fold at the bottom edge of the paper. 

  • Step 11

    gif hands making paper airplane flipping over paper

    Now fold the paper in half so that the pointy triangle is on the outside of the paper, folded in half. 

  • Step 12

    gif hands smoothing down folds of paper airplane

    Smooth down all the folds. 

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  • Step 13

    gif hands making small folds in paper airplane

    Lay your paper flat. The pointy triangle will be facing towards one direction (to the right). Take the top left corner of the top fold of the paper, and fold a small triangle. The bottom edge of the small triangle should align with the bottom edge of the paper, as the fingers point out in the GIF. 

  • Step 14

    gif hands flipping over paper and making folds for paper airplane

    Flip your paper over, and do the same. If the pointy triangle is pointing to the left, you will be folding the top right corner of the top fold of paper. Align the two small triangles so they are the same size.

  • Step 15

    gif hands unfolding paper airplane open

    Open up your paper once with the two small triangles and the large pointy triangle all folded down. Smooth down the folds. 

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  • Step 16

    gif hands folding white paper to make paper airplane

    Twist the paper around so the pointy triangle is pointing at you. Then lift up the large pointy triangle and fold it away from you. The two small triangles will prevent you from completely opening up the paper again, and there will be about an inch of the base of the pointy triangle that is not folded up. 

  • Step 17

    gif hands smoothing down sides of paper airplane

    Fold the paper in half with all the triangles on the outside. 

  • Step 18

    gif hands folding down wings of paper airplane

    Lay one side of the airplane on the table, and fold the other side down, leaving about 1 cm from the fold to the original center fold. This ensures that there will be a center piece for your hand to grip. 

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  • Step 19

    gif hands making paper airplane folding sides

    Flip the paper over, and fold the other wing. Align it with the first wing so they are the same size.

  • Step 20

    gif hands smoothing out piece of folded paper airplane

    Fold both the wings downwards and smooth down the folds.

  • Step 21

    gif hands holding paper airplane tutorial

    Now open up the airplane and fold the wings toward each other, displaying their undersides. Lay the airplane on one side.

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  • Step 22

    gif how to make paper airplane hands folding

    Make a small long fold at the back end of the airplane (the front end is the pointy end), on the bottom (when the airplane is upright). Do not fold the wings.

  • Step 23

    gif hands folding down paper to make airplane how to make

    Open up the small fold you just made, smooth it out, and open the airplane. Then fold the wings down, so only the top side of the wings can be seen. 

  • Step 24

    gif hands on table folding wings of paper airplane

    Fold the outside edge of one wing down about 1 cm. 

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  • Step 25

    gif hands carefully making folds on paper airplane

    Flip the airplane over and do the same to the other wing, making sure the size of the folds are the same. The airplane should be symmetrical so it can fly straight.

  • Step 26

    gif hands opening up paper airplane tutorial

    Open up the wings and the center of the airplane. At the back end of the airplane, poke up the fold you made so it is sticking up in the center of the airplane. 

  • Step 27

    gif hands holding newly made paper airplane tutorial

    Smooth down the center folds of the airplane well. 

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  • Step 28

    gif person holding paper airplane how to make paper airplane

    Fold up the small tips on each wing so they are pointing upright. Your paper airplane is finished and ready to fly!


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