I Can Has Cheezburger?

Tumblr Thread: Cats Stopping At Nothing To Get Sweets

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    Already here, if you look closely, you can see the madness in its eyes. This is the best moment of its life, and it is going to savor every second of it. This cat looks like me after a bad day finally finding comfort in something that is incredibly bad for my health and yet taste so dang delicious. 

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    Really, you don't even need to see the video (which is coming up) of this incident to imagine the sheer madness. That is a cat that wants it cake and is going to get no matter who it has to scratch on its way there. Remember though, cats should not be eating regular sweets that we eat, there might be things in there that are harmful to them. So, make sure that if you try this little experiment with your own fluffball, that the cake you give them is handmade with proper cat-safe ingredients. 

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    Font - newgoofbootin Follow this photo set gets me every single time. The absolute chaotic narrative of if all. The feral expression of sheer blissful abandon. How much did they already EAT to get so much gooey crumb mess on their face. What even is the PHYSIQUE of this cat?? Spindly slenderman of a creature must, can, and WILL have pink frosting at all costs
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    Sky - theacespace cats can't even taste sweet flavor! this mad lad is doing it for the hell of it! XD
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    Human body - sushigrade I had a cat who was an accomplished donut thief. I know this whole vibe.
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    Sky - simonalkenmayer Follow Cats aren't supposed to be able to taste sugar without a genetic mutation
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    Rectangle - bluerosetarot Looks to be either whipped cream frosting or buttercream frosting, both of which are high in fats which cats can taste. So most likely the cat brain is going "FAT! WE MUST HAVE THE FAT!"
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    Font - gembroken no. listen. listen. this cat looks vicious in still image, but this doesn't even capture the sheer energy and vicious starvation with which that cat is eating that cake. here's a twitter link of a video of the kitty and one of his friends getting a cake like this one (link). there are no words to describe how much that cat needs that frosting in his face. (also, i'm told that this is a cat-safe dish specifically made to be okay for the little guys, so this is ok to reblog for th
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    Cat - A highfancy This gives me flashbacks to the night we woke up hearing rustling in the kitchen, got up to see what was going on and found our old cat Buster had pulled a bag of flour off the counter, ripped it open, and had been rolling around in it.these are terrible photos but you get the idea!
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    Font - longlivelemonsss This reminds me of my cat, she goes absolutely nuts for any sweets. It doesn't matter whether it's ice cream, a cookie, cake, zefirs, chocolate wafer things, a Twinkie, Pocky... she WILL try to at least lick it. #cats #food #animals #aww 225,846 notes

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