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9 Pranks You Can Pull During a Snowstorm

  • 1

    Make a Creepy Snowman

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  • 2

    Show Your Local Police Who's Boss

  • 3

    Engage in Tactical Snowfare

  • 4

    Become Frosty the Throwman

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  • 5

    Mess With What Little Traffic is Left

    Snow - G0 tol eero ART OF TROLLING.COM
  • 6

    Leave One of Your Friend's Car Windows Open

    Photo caption - Iguess you didn't brace vourselves. MEMEBASE.cOM
  • 7

    Traumatize Small Children

    Facial expression - THINGS YOU WILL NEED: 1. A balloon 2. Red food dye 3. A snowman 4. A knife 1. Add a generous amount of food dye to the balloon. 2. Fill the balloon the rest of the way with water and tie it off RED FOOD DYE + WATER 3. Hollow out the snowmans head and put the balloon in the middle. 4.Fill snow around balloon making snowmans head look normal. 5. Wait for a vehicle or person to pass by (preferably children). Future you being a boss Soon to be traumatized 6. Slash/stab the snowma
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  • 8

    Get Rid of Your Snow and Slush the Easiest and Most Profitable Way Possible

    Text - CL>boston> boston/cambbrook> all for sale/wanted> free stuf ag:misacied mbited spa besto Posted about an hour ago FREE SNOW, MUST TAKE ALL (Boston) REE FREE SNO W SNOW big pile of snow for free. you must take all of the snow in the pile marked "free snow", no picking through the pile to find the snow you want. but don't take the other snow in the driveway, i'm keeping it. i also have a puddle of slush available for $10/obo.
  • 9

    Commit the Perfect Prank Just as the Snow is Melting

    Room - Tried to convince a friend he'd been snowed in

    Ur still snowed in, bro!


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