17 Fresh And Funny Tumblr Posts That'll Give You A Chuckle

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    funny tumblr post Tumblr post that reads, "11 months out of the year: life is a trainwreck; in December: life is a polar expresswreck"
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    funny tumblr post Someone describing the difference between an Australian possum and an American possum
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    funny tumblr post Tumblr post that reads, "Guys, I did the math. If Jeff Bezos was caught driving 60 miles per hour on a 40 miles per hour speed limit road in Finland, that would be a 21,681-euro fine. That's enough to buy 3,6 metric tons of Ikea frozen meatballs"
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    funny tumblr post Some mothers do not let their kids play mature video games because they're not old enough. But when their kids are old enough, they say they're too old to be playing video games. rooftopasian sounds like this reddit gamer was angry Source: just-shower-th...
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    funny tumblr post you've heard of mom friends now get ready for: Anti-mom friend. they suggest every single impulsive thought that runs thru their head like "hey what if you jumped in that pond in the middle of the night" to the group while the mom friend begs them to stop bane-of-technology eldest sibling friend Source: lux-rae #i'm an enabler for safe but stupid ideas
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    funny tumblr post releases pack of dads into home depot* free hotcommunist invasive species encroach on lesbian territory dreaming-shark This is a common misconception because they're such similar environments, but you should be aware that dads are native to Home Depot, while lesbians are actually native to Lowe's. At this point, however, both dads and lesbians have made themselves at home in both Home Depot and Lowe's to the point that trying to separate them back
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    funny tumblr post I started high school 7 years ago Jesus parafloral u done yet imreallycoolandfriendly I'm trapped in one of the lockers Source: imreallycoolandfriendly 135,019 notes
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    funny tumblr post shout out to water for keeping my throat sufficiently lubricated for optimal yodeling techniques classycarolinagirl That literally got weirder and weirder with every word Source: grumsal
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    funny tumblr post i love that mayhem is a legal term. like u can be charged with mayhem. its like arresting someone for funny business hickeywiththegoodhair the jury finds the defendant GUILTY on all accounts of tomfoolery, japing and generally Taking the Piss bruhgender causing a ruckus Source: wokebaedannyelfman
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    funny tumblr post are you a finger guns bisexual or an awkward thumbss up bisexual chaoticbard everyone keeps saying "both" and I suddenly feel regretful I asked a bunch of bisexuals to make a choice
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    funny tumblr post They all call me 'plush, but I consider myself velvet.' It's more expensive. Source: markv5
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    funny tumblr post I love to be a homeowner I'm responsible for so many extremely stupid things now vampireapologist #CALL YOUR LANDLORD F ITS ME. IM THE LANDLORD i was the exact opposite bc I grew up in an old old house that always needed work and when I moved into my first apartment the landlord told me the bathroom still needed caulked and I didnt understand that meant she was sending someone to DO that so I caulked the entire bathroom and when the guy got there he went "did you...Do This" and
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    funny tumblr post grand wizard and his young apprentice These guys look like some kinda Zelda merchants that sell you artichokes and pumpkins, respectively. Arty Welcome to Arty n' Pumm's! We got just what you crave! Yeow!
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    funny tumblr post genres are OUTDATED. i sort my music by thottiness, jammability, rebelliousness, theatricality, and depression. peteseeger #a good sea shanty hits ALL of these 12,201 notes
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    funny tumblr post When my sister was little, she used to say 'Oh my golly George' in a terrible fake British accent whenever she was demonstrating what pretentious people are like, and I have no idea where she got it, but it ruined my life because now sometimes I unironically say 'Oh my golly George' when I'm startled surprised or unexpectedly trip or something and now the joke's on me. biggest-gaudiest-patronuses iconic Source: schmergo 1,820 notes
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    funny tumblr post omg. that face. let me love you you silly fat little flooffer
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    funny tumblr post Pot holes are undomesticated bowls e-seal shadowsaregrey Youre right but i wasnt ready to know this its like a sucker punch to my brain scarededamus Train them by filling them with cereal and milk. cryptomaster-leviathan abolish-everything hehehehe this post does psychic damage and it shows


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