Woman Goes Viral for Her Hilarious Revenge Messing with a Scammer Through Text Messages


There are a lot of scams going around out there these days. They used to only target your grandparents still using the landline with some ridiculous plot like some Nigerian prince needs your help and if you only send them x amount of money you'll be greatly rewarded. But us tech savvy generations don't fall too easily for those, so now they've resorted to texting and other means of communication to scam the world. However, we're not as gullible as our Boomer or even Gen-X parents. If fact, us millennials and Gen-Zs like to a have a little fun with our scammers. They've been a part of our lives forever. 


TikToker @jodynnalexis recently had a little fun with a scammer of her own. The scam is a popular one where somebody offers to pay you money with a check if you buy them certain gift cards. However, the check bounces and then you're out of the money and they already got it. It's devious and also annoying—not sure how anyone has enough time to get scammed in this way, but I guess it works because the scammers keep using it. This TikToker decided to take their scammers on a little adventure and lesson into dissociative identity disorder (DID).


“DISCLAIMER: I am in NO way making fun of DID, I understand it’s a very serious mental health condition," the TikToker assures in the caption for her video. "I just needed the scammer to leave me alone😅 (it worked).”



The video shows the text thread the TikToker and scammer shared. The scammer was trying to get her to go to Walmart to purchase the gift cards that they would “pay” for, but of course the check would bounce. The TikToker, however, all of a sudden was having issues with her DID and kept making mistakes that got her in trouble and skewed from the scammer's plan by her personality named Patricia. The personality name is in fact a reference to the M. Night Shyamalan movie about a person with DID called Split


She tells the scammer that she accidentally used the money for the gift cards at Applebees and then got kicked out of Applebees. Then when she was finally “at Walmart” she tried to purchase the gift card they requested, but Patricia kept trying to steal things. She ended up “purchasing” a t-shirt that said “nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like fisting" with the gift card money to the scammer's dismay. They kept asking for photos of the gift card, but she kept sending them photos of the t-shirt instead. Eventually she said she stole one of the t-shirts for the scammer and got kicked out of Walmart. 




Suffice to say, the scammer left her alone after that adventure. Viewers are absolutely in raptures over the comedy that just ensued at the price of this scammer. “this is a masterpiece. I need to know how much laughter ensued on your part,” one person commented, with the TikToker responding saying this little skit went on for 3 hours. “I usually skip these kind of videos and this one did not disappoint 😂,” another viewer commented. “This has surpassed comedy you’re an artist,” one viewer said. We all had fun and we hope the scammer learned a thing or two. 


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