Scottish Farmer Goes Viral for Sharing His Days Working with Highly Trained Shepherding Dogs


In the beginning, domesticated dogs were bred for work. Dachshunds were meant to hunt vermin, Labrador Retrievers were bred to help with hunting, and many different types of dogs were bred to help on the farm. There are many different types of dogs that were bred for herding, one of which being the border collie which were specified to herd sheep. This sheepdog is still used today on working sheep farms around the world. 


Most people who know anything about dogs know they were once bred for more of a purpose than being your beloved pet. Learning your specific breed's instincts is important before adopting. So when you adopt some sort of shepherd you research things about shepherds. You learn that they are usually high energy and tend to nip at people's ankles due to their herding instincts. So you form a routine around that information to keep your pet satisfied and happy. 


But have you seen one of these sheepdogs in their element actually working the farm? Not many have, which is too bad because it is like watching a ballet. TikToker “Sean the sheepman” has been changing that statistic however, by posting his work days on the sheep farm with his highly trained border collie doing their job herding sheep. 


A Tricky Gate pt. 1

A Tricky Gate pt. 2


TikTok is filled with dogs, even border collies, going viral for simply being good dogs and top-notch adorable. There are endless videos of shepherd dogs being good boys at the dog park or at home, but not as many of them doing what they were bred to do. Now, this TikToker is showing everyone what these babies are capable of and it's breathtaking. 


These dogs are highly trained and don't miss a mark. They listen to the farmer with the utmost attention and he rarely has to tell them twice. These videos show these pups moving the sheep herds like a choreographed dance routine. The border collies move and the sheep flow like a river to where they are supposed to go—all while the farmer is sitting far back and simply shouting the orders to his well-behaved pups. 


Sheep Dog Collects Sheep from Next Field

Showing Off Commands

Dog POV of Storm Herding


He even shares videos featuring the point of view of the working dogs. So you not only get to see what it's like from a far, which looks like an intricate painting. But you also get to see the dog happily working and chasing the sheep to herd them to where they're supposed to go. The TikToker also explains the stories behind the dogs and shows the cute moments, like them taking a snooze after a long work day and them just simply looking so excited to work. Border Collies are one of the only breeds proven to enjoy training for the joy of learning and not just to get treats and praise. They're extremely intelligent dogs and this TikToker is showing you why simply by showing you what their instincts can do. 


Different Commands for Each Dog


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