These Photos of Donald Trump Pulling Flags out of His Nose Has Got to Be the Most Ingenious Use of Photoshop Yet

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    Twitter User IamHappyToast Just Started Making Them

    trump flags - Speech - Just wait until you see where he pulls the wall out from NOSEFLAGS
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    And Now This Exists

    trump flags - Speech - U @ramHaPpy NT UV eamaPpyTOR lamHaPPyToas

  • 3

    There Are Over 50 In Total

    trump flags - Text - HappyToast@lamHappyToast Oct 2 They said on the news that some of @realDonaldTrump's Tax Returns are starting to come out #NoseFlags 52 Battensurc?9 @lamнaPуТоst

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    trump flags - Speech - RAAAAAAAAAARGH! NOSE FLAGS! eamtaihyToas
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    Also of Note, Trump's Tiny Basketball

    trump flags - Text - HappyToast@lamHappyToast 20h BattenBurG?! BREAKING Donald Trump has a tiny Basketball #TrumpsTinyBasketball GIF amHaPPyToast


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