Kylie Jenner Thoroughly Roasted On Twitter For Requesting Money From Her fans

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    Font - Clothing - kyliejenner 6h ... @makeupbysamuel may God watch over you and protect you @makeupbysamuel everyone take a moment to say a prayer for sam who got into an accident this past weekend. and swipe up to visit his families go fund me

    Influencer Kylie Jenner posted on her Instagram story recently in hopes to raise 60,000 dollars for her makeup artist to get surgery. Given she is the 'youngest billionaire' ever, people were not happy with her request. She received major backlash on several social media outlets. Mostly people are just confused about why she can't supply the $60,000 herself? Are they not that close? Is her makeup artist not getting paid?

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    Sandy's face says it all. This point is very valid but suddenly became funny once the Sandy meme got included. If you have a billion questions about why Kylie is trying to raise money instead of give it herself, you're definitely not alone.

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    Rectangle - Sharon ... @shaccesorary if kylie jenner didn't pay for her friend's brain surgery what makes u think I would buy you a chick fil a sandwich lol 9:44 AM · Mar 21, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

    To be honest, I can't really see the correlation here between paying for brain surgery and a Chick-fil-A sandwich, but for that very reason, I find this tweet to be hilarious. It's like... who is this directed towards? Who is expecting a Chick-fil-A sandwich from Kylie Jenner in the near future?

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    Font - X nina % @ninamazx ... the fact that kylie jenner has the audacity to ask for donations for her friends/makeup artists emergency surgery (60,000) while shes worth a whole BIILLION is very character telling ahahahahahaahahahahaha im so embarrassed for her 6:53 PM · Mar 20, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Virgo Man Stan Account @Impermanent_D6 Kylie said "didn't y'all get y'all stimmies?" nataleebfitness @nataleebfitness · 15h wait so kylie jenner's make up artist got into a car accident and needed $60k for emergency brain surgery and she asked her fans to donate???? and then only donated $5,000 when she's a literal billionaire? the wrong people have money. Show this thread 1:06 AM · Mar 21, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone


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