Comedian on TikTok Destroys People's Innocence by Proving that Disney's Pluto Character is Actually a Total Freak

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are a couple of the classic characters from the Disney franchise. Mickey Mouse is more than a character, he is the face of Disney. But there are also the classic characters like Clarabelle Cow, Goofy, and Pluto the dog. Or is Pluto just a dog? TikToker David Ebert is blowing viewers' minds by unraveling the truth about Pluto. 

Ebert is a comedian on TikTok. He posts funny videos and has gone viral many times before. One of his recent viral videos, however, is more than just comedy, it's really giving Disney adults a lot to think about. He starts off by introducing the classic Disney characters. He says that Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphized mouse, Donal Duck is an anthropomorphized Duck, and Goofy is an anthropomorphized dog. But then he lays it on you, if Goofy is a dog and Pluto is a dog, why are they so different? 



Sure, he makes the point that we were able to separate the two because Goofy stands on two legs and wears clothes and can talk. Where as Pluto walks on all fours and only wears a collar and doesn't talk. Ebert relates it to a human and a pet chimpanzee. But then Ebert found an old Disney comic from the '30s. The comic should Pluto getting a present for Christmas. And then it has Pluto talking…. Speaking human words. Which means Pluto must be like the rest of them… Which means he chooses to be naked and walk on all fours… 


“The Pluto Paradox”


Obviously, Ebert is alluding that Pluto does this as some kind of fetish and everyone else in that classic Disney world goes along with his freakiness. This is really changing people's perspectives on the wholesomeness of Disney. “DOM AND SUB RELATIONSHIP,” one viewer shouts in all capital letters. “Maybe Pluto is just a furry?” another suggests. The fetish comments just keep flowing. Another person said, “Pluto is a gimp.” This even starts to spark other questions about the other characters. “Y'all, why does Mickey not have a shirt, Donald has a shirt no pants. And... Why?” one viewer asked about Mickey. Basically, I think what we can all learn from this is to not take too much animation from the '30s seriously and maybe not even watch them anymore… I mean, we all love some nostalgic characters, but times were a lot different back then… 


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