nephews fed vegan food for a week, mom has a meltdown

Nephews Fed Vegan Food, Mom Has Meltdown, Calls It Abuse

Oh, cool.
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Mom Accused Of Promoting Disordered Eating For Serving Sparkling Water At Teen Party| thumbnail text - r/AmltheAsshole u/throwFish536 · 4d + Join O 1 e1 3 6 5 AITA for having flavored sparking water at my teenage daughter's birthday party? Another mom accused me of trying to give her daughter an eating disorder. Not the A-hole

Mom Accused Of Promoting Disordered Eating For Serving Sparkling Water At Teen Party

Getting triggered by water is a new one
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Wife Pissed At Husband After He Asks Her To Cook Him Separate Meals When She's On Diet | thumbnail text - Posted by u/maybenotenough 3 days ago AITA for asking my wife if when she cooks, she can just make normal foods for me and use smaller portions? My wife gained some weight over the past year and was already overweight, so she wanted to make change. She's also pretty short, so the amount of calories she needs to eat is a lot lower than me. I'm 6'4 and an average weight for my height.

Wife Pissed At Husband After He Asks Her To Cook Him Separate Meals When She's On Diet

Diets drive us crazy
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Coworker keeps trying to trick vegan coworker, cries when she won't eat her "vegan" cake

Vegan Employee Refuses To Eat Suspicious Cake, Coworker Cries

What ever happened to not bothering people.
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Woman Heavily Reprimanded After Not Preparing Vegan Options For A Surprise Dinner Guest| thumbnail text - Posted by u/IcyReference_ 4 hours ago AITA for not making vegan food for my sister's surprise guest?

Woman Reprimanded After Not Preparing Vegan Options For Surprise Dinner-Guest

We're not psychics here
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diet memes for anyone who hates dieting | thumbnail text - When you were super motivated starting your diet this morning but by the time you get lunch you regret your whole life SONY WHEN YOU START TO LOSE WEIGHT & YOUR BOOBS ARE LIKE I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE

Diet Memes For Anyone Who Actually Hates Diets

Eat. That. Cake
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Funny tweets about carbs |  thumbnail text - Joél Leon. ... @JoelakaMaG why have abs when you can have carbs instead? 12:53 AM · Apr 2, 2021 · Twitter Web App

Funniest Tweets About Going Absolutely Crazy for Carbs

Carbs on carbs on carbs
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funny memes making fun of Keto Diet | thumbnail text - IT COULD BE US BUT. Ι ΑΜ ΟΝ ΚΕΤΟ When you've been on a low carb diet for 5 years and realize its only been 5 minutes..

Memes Making Fun Of Keto Diet Because It's So Necessary

Diet shmiet
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Vegan coworker asks burger-eating coworker to eat outside

Vegan Employee Suggests Coworker Eat Burger Outside

What does compromise mean, really?
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A Tumblr user discovers a "diet soup" and then hilarity ensues. | butchyena Follow ive been doing lot youtube recipe binging lately so recommended this video and like fuck diet soup why not Lose 15 pounds 7 days with Peel--Pound Soup T-ROY COOKS 6.7M views 4 years ago Are wanting lose weight quickly without exercise? This Peel--Pound Soup burns more calories digesting than body 3:59 and sounded pretty tasty so after vid scrolled down see people thought and just really need share with all comment

Tumblr User Discovers "Diet Soup", Hilarity Ensues

Oh, dear.
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Just Cutting Back on the Cat Nip Snacks

diet - 7778586112
By Unknown
An educational Tumblr thread about misconceptions vegans hold toward eggs and chicken | despazito Follow vegans who refuse even eat backyard eggs..why despazito Follow people who think its unethical eat chicken eggs are like people who think bees should keep all their honey. they literally produce more than they need and unwillingness even buy local means are doing nothing help them, support small farmers heathens

Informative Tumblr Thread Supports Local And Ethical Farms

Imagine thinking bees literally can't spare any of their honey.
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Dang It

Funny meme that reads, "When you've eaten a whole box of Thin Mints and you're still not thin" above a pic of Baby Yoda looking sad
Via Beautifulbeard
Mom kept son on strict diet by telling him he had allergies his whole life | Posted by u/TroubleInGluten 3 days ago AITA going no-contact with my parents after learning they had lied about my allergies all my life? Not hole Hey everyone am 19 years old and my parents are their 50s as long as can remember have been allergic several things: Dairy Wheat/Flour/Gluten Legumes

Son Discovers Mom Lied About Allergies to Keep Him on Strict Diet

There are probably better ways to stay healthy.
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Suck It

Funny meme that reads, "'Carbs are bad for you;' Me: ..." above a photo of a barbie lying on a slice of pizza
Via obtuserubbermoose
Vegans get called fake for feeding their cat meat. | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/edenflicka 16 hours ago 3 AITA calling ourselves vegan? So both vegan and have been years. Last year got beautiful cat who is grand baby neither our parents will ever have. She's obviously an obligate carnivore and been feeding her kibble and wet food. Unfortunately, where she came wasn't very good situation and she had horrible teeth rescued her s not come point where if she's painful she doesn't want eat kibble an

Vegans Called Fake Because They Feed Their Cat Meat

This was an argument?
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