Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial: Man is Laughing So Hard During Heard's Cross Examination that He has to Leave


There are a lot of things going on in the news that are hard pills to swallow, but for some reason, the trail between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard isn't one of them. Most of the media is very heavily pro-Depp and TikTokers absolutely agree. In fact, many content creators have been writing comedy sketches and reporting on the trial since its beginning and completely tearing Heard and her incompetent team of lawyers apart. 

The most recent trial moment that is making it through the viral waves of the clock app is actually due to a man in the spectator area. It was during Heard's team's cross-examination—Depp's team kept getting the questions to the sustained objections, so much so that the two lawyers were asked to approach the judge's bench. The situation was frustrating to Heard's lawyers, but apparently entertaining to every one else. This moment the sound goes off during the live streaming of it, but the camera pans over the gallery of people watching the trial. Everyone actually appears to be holding back chuckles, but this one man in particular was thrown into such a laughing fit that he could not get it under control and removed himself from the room. As he left, others saw him and also started laughing. 


Full Scene:


The man is allegedly one of Depp's body guards and is a serious mood. TikTokers are absolutely obsessed with him. This isn't the first time one of Depp's security has burst into laughter due to the absurdity of Heard's courtroom tactics. In fact, one of the security guards was brought on the stand to answer questions and couldn't hold back laughter when Heard's lawyers started asking him about “Amica” or “Arnica” cream even after he told them he had no idea what that was.  


Set to the Pirates of the Caribbean song


Though the sound is silent in the live streaming at this moment, you can only imagine what it sounded like in there—so many people trying to hold back their laughter. And this one man who had to straight up leave was probably snorting and making enough noises that he decided he needed to leave the room to compose himself. Even other spectators in the gallery are looking at him and laughing—it's very much like kids in a classroom trying not to make each other laugh. TikTokers are posting about the video and laughing right along with him. 


Laughing Together


The topic of this case is not a laughing matter in the slightest. However, the way this trial is unfolding, the amount of lies that are coming undone is so absurd that people don't know what else to do but laugh.  


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